The World's Biggest Hypocrites Exposed To A New Recipe to Raise Money For Your Business

Rebecca Jarvis points out what you need to know this week on Real Biz 6.24.2014
16:02 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for The World's Biggest Hypocrites Exposed To A New Recipe to Raise Money For Your Business
Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening. Take his seat held -- -- water there's an entry -- -- and it's made from -- sat. And the world's first ever crowd funded bond is a huge hit the -- -- bond. Just raise more than a million dollars in one week also self help books there were everywhere. And we've got the guy who says all the experts -- wrote them while they should take some of their own advice. Who want to get right -- wit maple water is making a splash in Hershey store -- this summer experts claim. It's healthy for you. So should you be drinking it we want to put all the hype aside and find out of the benefits are myths. Or miracles. And for that I want to bring in co-founder and CEO of vertical water -- -- -- -- nice to have you with -- -- you know what's happened here so it's called vertical water yes it is maple water which isn't watts. -- -- Is water that comes from maple trees in fact we -- arm. Maple -- -- maple trees in America. And don't add anything to hear it it's just the pure water that the trees filter naturally fortified -- their own nutrients and Sweden just a little bit. So there is some sweetener in here that there's nothing Addison natural sugar in fact -- serving only has three grams of sugar so it's just teeny tiny bit which is what when he asked -- nutritionists okay how much sicker should be at my drink. I have heard. Less than ten grams exactly. People even say five but this is natural it's not that they what are takers safe. So how you come up with -- Well actually vertical water comes out of for -- of forests which is an award winning. We believe therefore sustain our lives and so we want to make sure that they stay healthy and growing and out of these efforts came vertical water. And vertical waters mission is to keep trees vertical so we want to provide -- force land owners. -- money making alternatives to keep their trees standing as long as possible and not cut them down from timber as I understand at the bottom line here was OK we want to keep the force going we need something to fund that effort exactly we have vertical water -- because you're not killing a trained by. -- -- -- not at all in fact maple water maple sap is the raw ingredient for maple syrup. So -- people have been boiling down maple sap offer hundreds and hundreds of years. And there's been narrowed its damage done to the trees the waters just continuously refreshed that tree during the season. Most people think of maple sap maple syrup -- this really sappy thing -- that it -- didn't mess up your hands if you get it on something it's gonna stick. That's not the case not on fact you can see it right there it's clear -- gas water taste test tax case has time -- years. It is it's very it's very light the flavor just a little hint of sweetness at the end mean it it. It tastes like water -- -- -- got coconut water pipe and it knocked out. There's so much shelf space that's true it's true and I think if. People consider the fact that vertical water maple water has forty tree's nutrients than that and minerals that are available on regular tap water such as calcium. Potassium. Zinc. Iron and manganese and in fact has more -- in the -- Cahill. And manganese is really good for bones nerve function and it helps the body metabolize fat and carbohydrates. -- Huge you're saying this is better for you it takes a look at Atlanta -- he's very as a very light flavor how many how many of these come from one tree how many can he get out of a huge hit depends on the size of the -- there's so many different factors that that come into that equation mean mother nature. Is unpredictable and when the sap season actually takes place. But we can get a lot a lot of maple sap from the trees that we top so what treat as a lot yes but I'm not only but if he's been -- terms of -- supply. They're very few trees in America that are currently being tapped -- -- -- of our missions astute. Encourage more landowners to tap their trees because that has an economic impact. Which has a social impact and of course the environmental impact of keeping trees standing so that's. Really important to vertical wires while I'm curious to know how -- I won't call it a fat because you don't want it to be I don't know but I am curious to know how these things get started for example how to -- get so big overnight -- -- coconut water gets abate overnight this have to be -- you've looked into how does -- work -- you know -- It seems like its overnight but there's a lot of work that goes into it people have been drinking maple water for hundreds of years. The problem has -- that it hasn't been shelf stable so it actually goes back -- -- have three refrigerated has to be refrigerated and then instantly -- for media week. And then in yet to do something to package it and and give it to the the shelf life that it needs to be able to be available all year round vertical -- available over hasn't over sixteen months shelf life right now so. That's the big difference technology has been changed and now makes it available that we can. Provided to consumers and where consumers buying this right now. Have all over the country incredibly. We've only been on -- since the end of April believe it or not but. We are now in over 300 locations stores around the country. Sprouts farmers market all of their locations -- whole foods white man's king sleepers. Jim those naturally which -- in San Diego and hundreds of natural meat food that can store. The -- and so this has to be in your mind you started rolling -- that consumers in April moon its three months later yet. This is going well guess what what's the goal. The goal is to achieve our mission which is really -- be able to reconnect Americans to force land giving them an amazing product. And helping keep trees vertical. What is one of these go for what you have to pay it didn't -- water I suggested retail prices to 99. That's right in there with the what with all the cup competition -- I came to the price Reitman if you think about it you know it has about. Vertical water travels the third the distance from forest a table then. The -- and waters and have to travel around the world against America percent less -- less fuel Smart carbon footprint. American me. Many things. -- you know it -- -- -- perfect. Political moderate donate have you with the -- them instantly joining us it is best wishes think I'm looking for vertical water thank you. -- another thing I'm always looking for. -- -- -- And this fast casual Mexican restaurant is cooking up a new recipe to raise money the founders of July -- created the world's first ever -- -- It's raised over a million dollars from crowd funding in just one week. And I want to bring in the brains behind the bond Eric part of her he is co-founder of the Mexican restaurant to lingo in London it's so nice to have you with us air -- Hi Rebecca greetings from London nice to be here well I have to say this second -- your video -- -- I go video I was hot I I personally I love burritos. And I was fascinated by this idea that. You would crowd -- crowd fund a bond. That not only pays people an 8% coupon but also pays them in burritos. Absolutely. But he added that the inspiration for doing that. Game it is senator from day one with how we found that the company and that we we knew right from the outset that there was no chance we could be. A lot of our competition you know given that we can only be outgunned -- they came to Tulsa -- -- you've got it unless we unless we had a really tight bond with you know the people who matter most -- gas and down. And if you go -- any -- lingo today you'll find our guests coming cards but still have you know the very same mobile's -- cell number that I used today. I'm so that was like Gary thoughts and beginning and when we started to raise equity -- and the company. About 90% of those funds came from people who frequent -- -- restaurants -- fans wanted to support our growth so when the time came to transition to debt. For us it is -- natural extension of what we are already doing just go out the masses. Care -- you know the plan is and now allow them to kind of participate in the success. A lot of startups are gonna look at what you're doing and think it sounds interesting but there's so much. Analytical work that goes into creating a -- there's a lot of finance and background how did you. First all forty -- team went and how did you set this up and structuring it so that it wouldn't be harmful to your business. Yep well I -- first of all you you know it's mean it's also -- My my business partner and how it started with -- if he's to guys the -- degree in mathematics. That you see in the financial arm of the team. Traffic came down to finding the right partners such as you said it's incredibly difficult to to launch of bombs a lot of analytics that -- behind it. And and that's exactly what makes it you know pretty cost prohibitive for the majority company. We'll be decided to do it you know we live with we have the benefit of partnering with -- -- we want to bond with. And that's really their main USP is that it takes a lot of the complications of the process. They had the approval from the financial conduct authority in the UK the and then you know -- -- launched together with and you can kind of get get through all of that regulation. In the most kind of cost effective way possible so that. We can also kind of participate in what normally is only -- to -- medium size or bigger companies in terms -- a fund -- -- -- OK so you're paying an 8% coupon at the annual and they giving away a burrito. A week to everybody who invests in this the minimum investment is 500 pounds that's about 850 dollars. What's the goal what -- you gonna do with this money and right now here in London are you coming to the US anytime soon. Well. The defined -- raising with this bond will help us open up the next three restaurants in London. And as he said everyone who invests is entitled to a couple of free meals with their investment. Those that invest 101000 pounds which is roughly equivalent to 171000 dollars a more. Also I'm get what we caught -- black card which entitles -- to a free -- per week. I'm right now as. You know -- -- -- with with the current regulation. Our ability to raise these funds is strictly limited to. People in the UK so you know I think our focus for now -- just be expanding through Central London. What is your number one piece of advice to anybody out there. Who wants to try and do what you've got Eric. I think it it's all about branding. When I think of the world's. In -- biggest France great companies. I can always sum up their brand and a single word. Nike screens competition. Disney screened happiness and for -- anger that one we're distillation is vibrancy. And vibrancy flows into everything we do from our our food. To our people you know we have an audition element to our interviews. -- today in that the restaurants themselves they'll screen color in the effective all of that. Is that it's a place that threatens a few days it's more than just you know a restaurant serving in great. -- -- -- and salad so my advice would be really think long and hard about how you can sum up your business and what you're offering and a single word. And then fully commit everything and align your entire company. Around supporting whatever that campaign is. Eric thank you so much for joining us the company is to -- next time Miami in London. I will definitely be stopping by. Thanks a lot. Check this quote from the Donald. You have to be confident as you face the world each day but it can't be too cocky anyone who thinks he's gonna win the mall is going to wind up. A huge loser yes you heard that right that -- advice to you. Don't get too cocky a case of do as I say not as I do I suppose we'll -- this and that is author of the book good advice from bad people and he's here to explain and you're saying. -- essentially this is going on everywhere. -- Albright and Donald Trump is what -- examples from the book because he gave that advice in a book that he 1991 called trump surviving at the top of the sequel to his book the art of the deal. In the book came so bright as his real estate empire was collapsing under the weight of excessive debt one of his own sort of -- audacity in this. These casinos were off on the brink of bankruptcy was -- of losing his entire real estate empire and he came over this book called. What -- that exact moment surviving the top to critic Los Angeles Times that was like. Marie Antoinette writing a book called keeping my head. In which he gave this advice about not being cocky I think most people would agree Donald Trump probably -- -- -- personal planet. I want to argue with that thank -- I am curious you looked at so many different people who are in the self help book space because that's. That's a very popular space when you write books and what did you find. All what I found and and obviously you know it's cherry picked examples a little bit but. -- able to write a really articulate self helpful with lots of great advice you have does not necessarily correlated. The following through on that advice there are dozens of bestselling wealth books by people who went bankrupt. After that he wrote the bestseller wealth books and -- -- really kind of you know it's the bodies here give this advice and follow. I notice a lot of people are writing the comeback story books that -- days. Yeah I know it's cut and it's kind of funny -- with a lot of these self help groups you know they fall from grace you know you saw this with Ted -- -- -- you know the -- after his. His fall from from -- -- ministry leader the tools of the bad -- in the movement but they always have you -- one last chance to reach for the -- -- of these self help experts you know. You think you're done there done think you've gotten rid of them but they always have that one last self help book in the where they're gonna tell you what they've learned why this -- -- -- you know I think it was really from -- its own really watching Lance Armstrong sort of offending employee comeback attempt in his. You know apology tour with -- Oprah Winfrey and it's just thinking and so you know it's. It's gotten way too easy to become an inspirational icon that we have a -- We on some levels. Yes. Some people because of their status. We'll do this. But don't we give it to them as a public we've got social media people can say more -- more -- what they think and be heard -- more and more people totally our fault group C hitting its immediate well I. I think it's the public's fault I think that we have this sort of desire for these charismatic leaders and I think one things I wanted to kind of emphasized that emphasize was to meet you don't need these people -- we can sort of try to evaluate. Advice and ideas independently. In the hunt not Guam on these charismatic leader so much and so often disappoint us -- So what's your advice to people what what at the end of the day what's the end game here. And there's a lot of different ones one of them is just feel a little bit. Skeptical. Of anyone who's -- -- telling you how wonderful they are telling you what an expert they are in business. -- how -- you really know that this person that that I think it's really that the big. How much do you really know how much did he ever really NASDAQ about a person -- know. That makes that much for joining us we really appreciate the -- good advice from bad people can be found. Amazon Amazon mobile RI -- thanks so much we appreciate it thanks for during -- a real Betis. At -- you for joining us -- real this we'll hear from you which world leader do you think is the biggest hypocrite and what did he or she say and then dale. -- is that real bits with RJ until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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{"id":24283966,"title":"The World's Biggest Hypocrites Exposed To A New Recipe to Raise Money For Your Business","duration":"16:02","description":"Rebecca Jarvis points out what you need to know this week on Real Biz 6.24.2014","url":"/Business/video/worlds-biggest-hypocrites-exposed-recipe-raise-money-business-24283966","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}