Worst Gifts Ever: Christmas Presents to Forget

Bigger Isn't Better:Worst gift was a pair of jeans from my mother in law. The jeans weren't so bad, it was that she got me a size 10 and I wear size 4. Made me feel like "Really?!? I look that big?" I just thanked her and moved on. I'll exchange them for my size soon.
--Chrissy, Kearney, Mo.

Reflection Rejection: I received a 10X magnifying mirror with lights. I don't really want to know what my face looks like at that magnification. Tooooo scary.
--Susan, Norcross, Ga.

Sparkling Trucker Cap With Matching Tank: My family draws names every year for gifts, kind of like secret santa … to aid in the gift purchasing we make lists. I was relatively specific. One of my items was "fun party clothes, sparkly, fun colors etc."

Last year my mom drew my name. Christmas started with my mother snatching a gift from my hands as I was midway threw unwrapping because she suddenly realized she labled it wrong and it wasnt mine. Next, I opened an XL mens Canada hoodie that my brother-in-law opened the previous night and claimed was too small for him. Thanks mom. She replied that I'd gained some weight and she thought I needed some bigger comfortable lounge wear.

Lastly, was my "sparkly fun clothing item." As I opened the package I was blinded by glitter. It wasn't technically clothes but was a large trucker-like cap covered in purple and silver glitter. I'd never seen anything like it. To match was a bright purple tank top decorated in silver glitter. I still have no idea where she purchased a baseball cap like this. It looked like a prop for a high school show choir, and maybe it was appropriate for someone but I just turned 30.
--C. Mondragon, Memphis, Tenn.

Who Is 'Our'?: I received this gift from an older, married, female co-worker. She gave me a Spode Christmas ornament, shaped like a bell, with the inscription "Our First Christmas 2009." The problem with this gift is that not only am I not newly-married, I'm not married at all! I don't even have a boyfriend with which to share this warm sentiment.

I pondered and pondered, wondering if she was referring to some milestone at our company, or some other work-related anniversary I was unaware of, but to no avail. It was a curious choice of a gift for me, indeed! In addition to that, by the time I received the gift, it was too late to re-gift it to any couples I knew who had wed in 2009. Hopefully, someone at the Salvation Army store will find it appealing.
--Amy Cooper, Houston, Texas

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