Yahoo 2.0: Stalwart Wrestles Startups in Internet's New Age


Yahoo Made History: Isn't That Enough?

With all that, one wonders if it matters that Yahoo lacks buzz.

"I think it matters to a small subset of people," said Levinsohn. "I don't think it matters at the end of the day to consumers. I mean, Yahoo does more revenue in two weeks than Twitter will do all year, yet Twitter is the hottest thing going -- and rightfully so right now."

Levinsohn admits that Yahoo, with all its staying power and visitors, never saw Twitter -- and the social-media trend it epitomizes -- coming.

"No fault of anybody's, by the way," he added. "[Yahoo] was doing great in so many other categories that social snuck up on a lot of people."

Now Twitter's here, including as a clickable button on much of Yahoo's content. It makes Twitter -- not Yahoo -- look like the innovator. And that's the key to buzz -- to be seen as innovating.

So one could say Yahoo is the GE of the Internet: old, big, diverse -- and still innovative.

"Everybody has to just sort of take a breath and say, 'Wait a minute, you can't recreate this thing overnight,'" said Levinsohn. "Frankly, it's never really been replicated in the history of the Internet what Yahoo has done in the areas it's done it."

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