Even 11 Years Sober, DJ AM Succumbed to Addiction

"Addiction is life-long and recovery has to be life-long," he said. "One has to be diligent to their program.

"The saddest thing would be to say that sobriety and 12-step programs don't work," Basinger added. "The truth is they do work."

Basinger said it was up to Goldstein to tell the physician prescribing him pills that he was a recovering addict. But Basinger had a lot of ire toward physicians who prescribe pain and anxiety medications but don't delve deeply enough into their patients histories or follow-up to see if patients are abusing them.

After Anna Nicole Smith's death and most recently Michael Jackson's, Basinger called prescription drug abuse an "epidemic," saying it's a "bigger problem than all of the street drugs combined."

Basinger said Goldstein should have used one of his sponsors as a medication manager to dole out his meds pill by pill to keep him from abusing them.

He also thought the MTV show was ultimately a good thing for Goldstein, even if it reminded him of his own addiction. "I think doing the show for MTV was wonderful," he said. "People in recovery should do as much as that 12th step work at they can."

The 12th step refers to helping others through their recovery.

Goldstein remained an avowed believer in that.

"It's been tough, you know, I'm on the borderline of seeing people in the disease that I used to be in," he said. "But I have to know why I'm there. No better way for me to remember how low my bottom was than to see someone else at their bottom and offer them a chance out of it, which is what I've done."

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