Tattooed Stars Make Their Mark

Stars show off their newest tattoos.

Celebrities Reveal Their Tattoos

Whoa! Kaley Cuoco's Husband Got a Giant Tattoo For Her!
Reese Witherspoon Flaunts Bird Tattoo While In Hawaii
Reese Witherspoon Flaunts Bird Tattoo While In Hawaii
Ke$ha Gets Inked
Justin's New Tattoo
Arrow Through The Heart
Where is Rihanna's New Tattoo?
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Liam Payne's new feather tattoo
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Who Got This Massive Tattoo?
Who Got This Fly Tattoo?
Harry Styles Reveals New Ship Tattoo
Lady Gaga's Head Tattoo
Lady Gaga's Tattoo Buzz
Rihanna's Racy New Tattoo
Justin Bieber Crowns Himself
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Kelsey Grammer Tattoo
Bobbi Kristina Gets New Tattoo
Lady Gaga Gets New Tattoo
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Miley's Teddy Roosevelt Tattoo
Chris Brown's New Neck Tattoo
Chris Brown's New Neck Tattoo
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J-Lo Inks Up for Video
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Emma Watson's tattoo
Joan Rivers Nixes Bee Tattoo
Kristen Bell's '214 Tattoos'
Kristen Bell
Justin Bieber's Jesus Tattoo
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David Beckham Gets Inked For 'Love'; Victoria Says Baby Harper Approves
Snooki Crowns Herself Queen of the Jersey Shore
No Regrets: Kat Von D's James Tattoo
Kat Von D Gets Tattoo of Jesse James' Face
Justin Bieber And Dad Get Matching Jesus Tattoos
Charlie Sheen Reveals Wild Tattoo
Susan Sarandon Reveals New Tattoo
Lady Gaga's Head Tattoo
Singer and "X Factor" judge Demi Lovato displays her latest tattoo. Lovato posted a picture of her right arm featuring the flock of 12 birds, courtesy of celebrity tattooist Kat Von D. "Thank you so much Kat Von D for my new ink!!" she wrote on Twitter. "I think it's beautiful and I love it!!" (ddlovato/Twitter; Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images)
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