Eye of the Beholder: Society Under the Knife and Needle

Why oh why would Al Pacino, who played Scarface, want to become one at the hands of plastic surgery? Mickey Rourke and Carrot Top are starting to make Dolly Parton's and Pamela Anderson's parts that were made in the U.S.A. look natural. Now that is not a good sign!

It doesn't look like Hollywood's plastic surgery rush will slow down any time soon.

Hotels like the Four Seasons and the Intercontinental offer recovery suites with secret hidden entrances to avoid the paparazzi,a car service to and from the surgeons office, and private nurses to administer ice packs, healthy fruit shakes, and TLC. But it all comes at a very high price! Perhaps with the scandal surrounding the plastic surgery debauchery of poor Kanye West's mom, it will be a loud and resounding wake-up call to Hollywood. And all its overzealous followers.

All that glitters is not gold though. There is nothing wrong with bettering yourself. I have always been a fan of making a dollar out of 15 cents, but less is best. Don't overdo it; a little change can go a long way. And do your homework; do not rely on the so-called experts.

Kanye West's mom's doctor was a regular expert on the talk show circuit. He even had Oprah's folks fooled.

If a surgeon says no, feel free to get a second opinion, but listen to each of them clearly and make a well thought out decision because it is better to be alive and average than a gorgeous corpse.

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