Pay Up! Seven Celebrity Stiffers

"I pride myself on taking care of my business. I pride myself on being able to pay the bills," he told the paper in January. "I'm not sympathetic to anybody who's trying to rip me off. Just because I'm a Christian, just because I'm a nice guy, it doesn't mean I'm a wimp."

The contractors countered in the article by saying Perry made arbitrary demands before dismissing them and refusing to pay their final bills.'s calls to Perry's attorney to determine the status of the lawsuit were not immediately returned.

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop is no stranger to lawsuits.

While awaiting trial on child molestation charges in 2004, Jackson was sued by the Los Angeles antiques and furniture store Mayfair Gallery for failing to pay nearly $180,000 on a bill. According to the complaint, obtained by AP, Jackson rang up a total of $378,875 in a May 2004 transaction in which he purchased 20 items, including a malachite urn, a Louis XVI-style bust clock, silver bread holder and an "Austrian gold-painted dancing girl."

Jackson agreed to return the antiques to settle the lawsuit, according to according to Saul Reiss, an attorney for the company that owns Mayfair Gallery.

Jackson was hit with a second lawsuit around the same time, this one alleging that he failed to pay producer J. Marc Schaffel more than $3 million in loans and producing fees for Schaffel's work on two Fox specials on the pop star.

Jackson filed a cross-complaint, and in July 2006, a jury ended up awarding Schaffel $900,000 and the pop star $200,000.

Three years later, Jackson again was accused of not paying, this time by the Los Angeles drug store Mickey Fine Pharmacy, which claimed, in a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, that Jackson ran up a $100,000 tab for prescription meds over two years but never paid.

Jackson's spokeswoman, Raymone K. Bain, later told "The Insider" that he amicably settled the dispute.

Isaiah Washington

The former "Grey's Anatomy" star has had a run of bad luck in recent years.

Ousted from the show after outing co-star T.R. Knight, Washington has again found himself ousted, this time from his house in Santa Monica after he failed to pay the $20,000-a-month rent. The landlord filed an eviction notice last week after Washington was $100,000 in arrears.

On Monday, Washington and his family were seen moving out of the home, according to

Kanye West

Rapping about a Mercedes Benz is one thing, paying for it is another.

In 2002, West, who often raps about the cars in his songs, and his KonMan Entertainment company leased a 2003 Mercedes-Benz G500 and then stopped paying for it, according to a lawsuit filed in May 2006 by DaimlerChrysler Financial Services. The car company was asking for more than $53,000 after West stopped making his $1,295-a-month payments on the car.

"Due to KonMan's default in the surrender and payments, [DCFS] has elected to accelerate all amounts owed and declare the entire unpaid balance ... immediately due and payable," read the claim obtained by MTV.

In addition to the remaining balance on the lease, the company was asking for punitive damages.'s calls to West's lawyer to find out how the matter was resolved were not immediately returned.

Britney Spears

When the singer's life was falling apart last January, paying the bills was likely the last thing on her mind.

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