Top 10 Biggest Scandals of the Decade

Jackson issued two apologies of her own but declined to attend the 2004 Grammys when CBS insisted she apologize a third time on the air. Since then, Jackson has struggled to regain her footing.

Two albums released after the Super Bowl incident tanked and Jackson's 2008 "Discipline" tour was dogged by low ticket sales and Jackson's own illness suffering from vestibular migraines.

As for "Nipplegate," as it came to be known, CBS was slapped with a hefty fine. But the case remains open, with the network's appeal still bouncing around the courts.

Michael Jackson

It wasn't the first time singer Michael Jackson had been accused of molesting a child. But, in 2005, Los Angeles prosecutors were able to find a child willing to testify against him.

In the People of the State of California v. Michael Joseph Jackson, Jackson was accused of molesting 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo, giving him alcohol, or "Jesus juice," and conspiring to kidnap him and his family and keep them captive at his 2,700-acre Neverland ranch.

Jackson denied all counts and even claimed he was the victim on an extortion attempt. The subsequent four-month trial was a media circus with Jackson showing up late for court and once dressed in his pajamas. In the end, he was found not guilty.

But Jackson's reputation and finances suffered as he sought refuge outside the country with his three children and released no new music. Finally, in the spring of 2009, he announced a 50-concert comeback tour in London. Weeks before he was to perform his first show, the pop star died in his home June 25.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled Jackson's death a homicide caused by a combination of sedatives and the powerful anesthetic propofol. As the police investigation continues, it's clear that Jackson's death will be as controversial as his life.


When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split in early 2005 after nearly five years of marriage, Angelina Jolie was widely believed to be the reason.

Pitt and Jolie met on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," where they played married assassins. A photo shoot promoting the film foreshadowed their relationship to come, with Pitt and Jolie posing as parents of five boys. At the time, all parties denied that Jolie was the cause of Pitt's divorce, although Jolie later admitted that she and Pitt fell in love while filming the movie.

Lost Hope for Heath Ledger

Dubbed "Brangelina" by the media, Jolie and Pitt finally confirmed their relationship publicly in early 2006 when Jolie admitted she was pregnant with Pitt's child. Since then, the scandal over the Jolie-Pitt-Aniston love triangle has continued to spawn headlines, with the celebrity media reporting non-stop on Brangelina's family of eight and Aniston's adventures in celebrity dating.

Roman Polanski

It's the one scandal director Roman Polanskihas been unable to shake, the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

In September 2009, the 31-year-old scandal caught up with the French-born Polish director when Swiss police arrested him on a U.S. warrant stemming from the rape soon after he arrived for the Zurich Film Festival.

In 1978, Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse but fled to France before he was sentenced. Despite a fruitful career in Europe, which includes winning an Academy Award for "The Pianist," Polanski was a wanted man.

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