Top 10 Biggest Scandals of the Decade

Eventually, TLC said it was refashioning the show to focus on Kate's life as a single mother but Jon put that kibosh on that when he refused to give permission for the children to be filmed.

Thus, "Jon & Kate" officially wrapped on November 23.

Recently, Kate told ABC News' Barbara Walters that the kids miss the cameras and were devastated without the show. She also hinted that she'll be getting a show of her own next year.

Susan Boyle/Adam Lambert

With the explosion of reality television came the latest iteration of the talent show -- "American Idol" being the most watched of them all. "Idol" and the other talent contest shows had their share of scandals, including skeletons that emerged from contestants' past and charges of voter fraud.

Many of the scandals centered around "Idol" judge Paula Abdul, who was accused of everything from sleeping with some of the young male hopefuls to appearing dazed and confused on live television. She made headlines earlier this year when Fox decided not to renew her contract.

With Abdul gone, there are plenty of others left to generate headlines. In May 2009, British singer Susan Boyle nearly broke down under the pressure of competing for the title of "Britain's Got Talent." She came in second and had to be hospitalized for exhaustion afterward. Boyle's fans have made her a best-selling recording artist but the celebrity media continue to chart her every misstep, including a recent visit to America that ended with her sucking her thumb.

Adam Lambert is another talent show alum sure to keep the controversies coming. When Lambert, who is openly gay, gave his first post-"Idol" live television performance at the American Music Awards in November, he kissed his male keyboardist and brought a male dancer's face to his crotch. His performance sparked outrage and led to cancelled appearances.

But Lambert made no apologies. "I'm not a babysitter, I'm a performer," he told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. A performer who will no doubt be making more headlines in the next decade. >>

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