Pain, Tears, Vomit, Relapse: the Realities of Rehab Hit Celebrities, Too

For others, sobriety hasn't been so easy. Last month, Sierra was arrested for disorderly intoxication and resisting officers. In lieu of prison, a judge sentenced her to three years probation and another stint in rehab under Pinsky's supervision -- this time for one year, no cameras rolling.

"People look at her and say, 'See, treatment doesn't work.' That's not true. Jessica did not have the kind of funds for the kind of treatment she needed," Pinsky said. "She is not a resistive patient. She actively engages in treatment. She just needs a lot more."

Would Pinsky be willing to take the Winehouses and Dohertys of the world under his wing for another season of "Celebrity Rehab?" Only if the "public exposure doesn't have a net adverse affect" on the stars he just treated, who know that the pressure's on to keep the gossip about them good.

"I think it'll stick if I do the work it takes to stick," said Binzer, who's in talks to do a separate reality series about trying to stay sober. "If I wanted to keep doing drugs, I shouldn't have done this show. People are going to be looking for the least bit of intoxication in my eyes."

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