'Nowhere Boy': Defining a Generation by Its Hair


"In the past, finding examples of the style necessitated going to reference libraries, museums, and checking out portraits and history books," she said. "Conducting research used to be time-consuming and difficult, but now access to online resources makes the task much easier. There's no excuse not to do it."

VIDEO: The Beatles are back with a video game and re-release of their albums.

The twentieth-century mid-fifties period might be a bygone era to some, but not to hair people. The website CoolMensHair.com includes a feature on "How to Make Every Night Twilight with a Robert Pattinson Hair Style," and has some how-to's on how to style and comb a pompadour.

As with most trends, the greaser look didn't last long. After the Beatles started performing in Hamburg, Germany, the lads wanted to get away from their "rockabilly and defiant British rock-and-roll look in favor of a more bohemian one," said Kevin Murphy, a hairstylist based in Melbourne, Australia, who works on Vogue magazine shoots and owns a hair-product line. When the group signed with manager Brian Epstein, said Exelby, they opted for their famous mop-top haircuts that would fall right back into place after they tossed their heads.

VIDEO: Paul McCartney performs at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

The rest, as they say is history. "Nowhere Boy" charts part of that early journey – the music and the hair. Both the songs and the coiffure live on.
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