The Top 50 Albums of 2007

The former Throwing Muses vocalist has a vocal delivery so raw and wounded sounding, but she demands your attention on "Learn To Sing Like A Star." Her twisting, minor chord progressions in combination with that voice wind up making her sound a little like a female Kurt Cobain. It's a captivating record.

Favorite Tracks:


"Day Glow"

"In Shock"

"Nerve Endings"


Serge Gainsbourg's actress daughter resumes her long dormant singing career with "5:55." The album is produced by Air, who also co-wrote the songs with the help of Pulp's Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy. Essentially, it sounds like another great Air album, only with Charlotte's peaceful whispery singing style taking center stage. Hopefully Serge is somewhere smiling.

Favorite Tracks:

"The Songs That We Sing"

"The Operation"



"Little Monsters"

48. PREFUSE 73 — "Preparations"

Scott Herren's latest album under the name Prefuse 73 doesn't find the glitch-master switching up his formula too much. He still delivers mostly instrumental, digitally assembled music somewhere between the hip-hop and electronica realms. Call it "glitch-hop" if you will. No one quite sounds like Herren. His masterpiece is still his 2003 album "One Word Extinguisher," but this continues his career nicely. Look for the deluxe version with an almost classical-sounding bonus disc.

Favorite Tracks:

"The Class Of 73 Bells"

"Let It Ring"

"Smoking Red"

"Girlfriend Boyfriend"


This collaboration between Plant and Krauss may seem unusual on paper, but the two make an excellent pair on this collection. See the blog archives for a complete, in depth review.

Favorite Tracks:

"Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)"

"Please Read The Letter"

"Rich Woman"

"Fortune Teller"

50. KANYE WEST — "Graduation"

I stand by all my criticisms of this album in my initial review, but West's mastery as a producer and what he does with beats and samples on here makes it worth putting on the list. I can't think of what happened in 2007 hip-hop without thinking of Kanye West. He may not be the best or most humble lyricist, but he does have skill. See the blog archives for a complete, in depth review.

Favorite Tracks:

"Can't Tell Me Nothing"



"Big Brother"

"Good Life"

Let's hope 2008 is as good a year or better.

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