And Then, There Were Four...


Will 'Last Name' Be Cassandra's Last Chance?

Cassandra Mae, however, stayed right smack in the middle of her comfort zone, and she knew it, too, admitting "there's a lot on the line and I just really have to go with my heart." Cassandra's heart is all country, and she chose accordingly, belting out Carrie Underwood's country-rocker "Last Name." That did not get past Brian "the Cowboy" Scott, who said, "we're not looking for imitators, that was so Carrie Underwood for me, and I want to see Cassandra!" Judge Joe disagreed saying Cassandra did enough to make the song her own, and Carnie could only exclaim, "you are outrageous, girl!"

Karaoke Battle USA: Creigh Interview
'Karaoke Battle USA': Creigh Interview

Farm boy Creigh Riepe was dumbfounded by all the attention, saying, "I never really expected my voice to carry me to big cities like New York and L.A." It was that humble attitude that had Carnie countering, "I don't think Creigh really knows how good he is." Creigh came to the stage with Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" which wowed the judges vocally, but left some judges doubting the 19-year-old's stage presence. Judge Brian questioned Creigh's persistent "bending and kneeling" on stage, but congratulated him on the "warm quality" of his voice.

Shantel Norman wrapped it all up, sizing up her chances by telling us, "I don't think I have the best voice here, but I think I connect with the audience better." Shantel dedicated her performance of Tina Turner's classic "The Best" to her son, saying, "now that my son has gotten older, I'm not holding out for nobody." She continued, "I try to teach my son if there's something that you want, you have to go and get it yourself. You can't give up you can't let anything hold you back." It was clear to the judges that she didn't hold back, with Carnie praising her "commanding performance. The intensity was there, your vocals were off the hook!" Judge Scott commented wryly, "It's a shame you're shy. It really is."

VIDEO: New Years resolution helped this singer make her way to the microphone.
Karaoke Battle USA: Brandi Thompson

But the singing eventually had to stop and a decision had to be made. In the end, guys Josh Scholl and Sammy Vijarro had the scores to move on, leaving Creigh Riepe and RL Bell behind. RL took it in stride, saying, "I'm RL, I gotta continue to do what I do." For the ladies, Shantel and Cassandra bested Meredith and Charlotte. Meredith left the stage saying, "I think what I'll take away from this is that I'm just never going to be happy doing anything else but singing."

Contestant talks about how singing helped him cope with the death of his brother
Karaoke Battle USA: Corey Johnson

Only four remain-- who will be our Karaoke King and Queen? Keep watching Karaoke Battle USA on ABC Fridays 9 / 8 Central to find out!
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