'Lost' Finale: Mysterious Epilogue Leaves Viewers Debating

But we now know that the ocean floor island was part of the castaways' purgatory. So did the island sink when they finally moved on? We'll never know.

Shoes Off Everyone, Who's Got Four Toes?

Losties first got their glimpse of the giant four-toed statue watching over the island at the end of season two.

The statue in modern times is severed at the ankle, but flashbacks to the early Jacob days have included views of the back of the full statue. It appears to be an Egyptian god, the most popular theory that it's Sobek, a Nile god with the head of a crocodile.

It was revealed at the end of season five that Jacob lived inside the statue, but it was never revealed where it came from or why it watches over the island.

Where Did They Go? The Walt and Vincent Edition

The show relied heavily on Walt -- Michael's young son who was being brought back to live with his father after years of estrangement. When they crashed on Oceanic 815, they crashed along with Vincent, Walt's loyal yellow Labrador retriever.

Walt was supposed to have been special, to be able to do things and see things the others couldn't, including teleporting while being held hostage by the Others. But then his father took him off the island, and we saw little of him after that.

Michael ended blowing up along with Widmore's freighter -- can we call being blown up pulling an Arzt? But Walt hasn't been seen since a brief meeting with John Locke in season five's "Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham."

Season six: "Lost" winds down.

We never again saw Walt or Michael. Not in the flash-sideways world and not in the church. Could it be that Malcolm David Kelly, the actor who began playing young Walt at the tender age of 12, grew so much physically during the show's run that his character no longer fit -- literally -- into the story?

But we got lots of Vincent. After a brief appearance in season five under the care of time-traveling Rose and Bernard, we found that's where Oceanic Flight 815's only canine survivor has been all this time.

As a mortally wounded Jack crawled into the bamboo to die, the faithful Vincent laid by his side, just as he had in the moments after the plane crash six years ago.

Good boy, Vincent.

Richard Alpert: Smokey's Toss Can't Be the End

Oh, Richard. Oh, sweet, loyal, conflicted Richard. Rendered ageless by Jacob back in the days after Black Rock shipwrecked, Richard has formed alliances and dazzled us all with his naturally grown guy-liner.

We found out in the finale that the uber-gladiator toss inflicted by a really ticked off smoke monster didn't finish the old man off.

But curiously, once both Jacob and the Man in Black had died, Miles noticed a curious change in Richard: a grey hair. We'll take that to mean that Richard has finally been released from his lifelong sentence, free to leave the island after 150 years.

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