Who's Who in Michael Jackson's Bizarre World

Tom Snedden, District Attorney in Michael Jackson's 2005 Trial

Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon filed child molestation charges against Michael in 2003. In December of that year, he announced the pop star was charged with nine counts -- seven of child molestation and two of administering an intoxicating agent for the purpose of a committing a felony.

Uri Geller

Uri Geller, Michael Jackson's Magician Friend

Illusionist and purported psychic Uri Geller became friends with Michael after performing his signature spoon trick for the pop star. Michael served as best man at the renewal of Geller's wedding vows in 2001. But the two had a falling out after Geller introduced him to current ABC News correspondent Martin Bashir in 2002, who went on to film the controversial documentary "Living With Michael Jackson." In a June 26 interview with Britain's Channel 4 News, Geller admitted he hypnotized the late pop star to question him about the allegations that he molested children, which Michael denied.

Brian Oxman

Brian Oxman, Jackson Family Attorney/Spokesman

Brian Oxman has served as an attorney and spokesman for various members of the Jackson family since 1989. Speaking out after Michael's death on "Good Morning America," Oxman said "Drugs had been part of Jackson's life since the 1980's" and added he warned family members that "if Jackson dies of overmedication I will not hold my tongue."

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson's First Ex-Wife

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, was married to Michael from 1994 to 1996. The day after his death, she revealed on her MySpace blog that the pop icon shared his fears about his demise. Michael saw parallels between himself and the "King of Rock," according to Lisa Marie, and talked about them during a conversation they had about her father. "At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, 'I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did,' " Presley wrote on her blog.


Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson's Friend and Fellow Icon

Liza Minnelli, who has Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy awards to her name, was one of Michael's closest friends in the entertainment industry. A day after Michael's death, Minnelli told CBS's "The Early Show" that she believes his autopsy results will cause a frenzy. "All of us who knew him well really know what he was like," she said. "And I'm sure that now the accolades are going, and I'm sure when the autopsy comes, all hell's going to break loose. So, thank God we're celebrating him now."

Al Fayed

Diana Ross, Michael Jackson's Friend, Fellow Icon and Potential Mother to His Children

Soul legend Diana Ross could inherit Michael's children. In his will, Michael specified that if his mother died before he did, Ross would gain custody of Prince Michael I, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael II. Ross has yet to comment on the will. Following Michael's death, she released a statement saying, "I can't stop crying, this is too sudden and shocking. I am unable to imagine this. My heart is hurting. I am in prayer for his kids and the family."


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