Scarlett and Woody Forge Unlikely Alliance

No Mandatory Workouts for Scarlett

If Allen was a little more outgoing in London, it was partially out of necessity. Having spent nearly all his life in Manhattan, he had trouble writing British dialogue and pressed the cast for help. Rhys Meyers, who is Irish, was urged to make his character an Irish tennis player who was living in London and rubbing elbows with the country-club elite.

"I had a good laugh about that, because there's never been an Irish tennis star, but Woody rolled with it and was open to suggestions," Rhys Meyers says.

"Actually, the differences in dialogue aren't as great as you think anymore. We in Ireland grew up watching American TV shows, so it's not unusual no to hear someone say, 'Hey guys,' like it might have been years ago."

Johansson and Allen have already completed filming for their second project, "Scoop," in which the actress plays an American student who begins an affair with an aristocrat.

During the production, Johansson hit theaters with a big-budget action extravaganza, "The Island," co-starring Ewan McGregor and directed by shoot-'em-up specialist Michael Bay. The movie quickly tanked, and Johansson's decision to work with Allen now seems like a brilliant career move.

"He just really rarely requires that his actors go to the gym, which was a plus for me. And I didn't have to hang from a 50-foot building," she says.

"I think Woody's dialogue helped me to bring out one of the better sides of my acting. The dialogue is so fantastic, that you think if I screw this up, I'll really be a putz."

To put it another way, Johansson hit the ball, it landed on Allen's side of the net, and as luck would have it, they both won.

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