Boot Camp Finale: Szish Gets Ready for the Big Night


Imagine a deep-cleaning, skin-softening, glow-inducing facial, and then imagine the same thing over your entire body. This superluxe treatment is pricey, but it's absolutely worth it, especially for a big event.

My technician, Jordana, first asked me about my gown. Based on my response, she chose to focus on my decollete, back and arms. She started by deep-cleaning with all sorts of yummy-smelling products. She then steamed the skin to open the pores, removed anything icky and then moved on to mircrodermabrasion. Next, she slathered on lactic acid to remove dead skin cells and followed with another exfoliant -- a moisture serum -- and finally a rich moisturizer.

I was left glowing and relaxed, and I promised Jordana to keep up my end of the bargain by using a body scrub and moisturizer regularly up until the big day.

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Day 10: Acupuncture House Call

Nothing says Hollywood like a house call. So, I persuaded acupuncturist Iris Netzer to trek down to the southern tip of Manhattan to set up shop in my living room. And after my two Italian greyhounds stopped trying to jump up on the treatment table, we were ready to start.

I opted for acupuncture, because one of the most important secrets to looking good on the red carpet is feeling relaxed. If you feel uptight, you'll look uptight, and that tension will detract from your red carpet presence. Plus, celebs everywhere are obsessed with holistic treatments and ancient techniques, so this seemed like a very Hollywood thing to do.

Plus, how cool is it to have needles stuck in your forehead while other people watch?! (This red carpet boot camp has alerted me to the alarming fact that if it's weird and scary and bizarre, I have an odd desire to do it on camera. Hmmm.)

Acupuncture is not painful, and therefore it should not inspire fear. The needles are more like thin pieces of wire -- very flexible and very delicate. This is nothing like getting a shot or having blood drawn.

The only uncomfortable sensation you may feel is a twinge in a nerve or a sensation of an aching muscle, and that is usually indicative of an excessive amount of stress buildup.

During my treatment I yelled one "Ouch" (nerve twinge in my left foot), which Iris took very seriously. She removed the needle, massaged my foot, went on to work on different parts of the body, and very wisely noted that I must be extremely stressed. She eventually went back to the scene of the ouch, and when she reinserted the needle I felt absolutely nothing.

The hottest trend in acupuncture is the line-reducing facial, so of course I indulged. Supertiny needles -- almost too tiny to see on camera -- are inserted along fine lines as a way of relaxing the muscles.

And, from head to toe, I felt nothing but relaxation. I also felt healthy and rested, and my mind felt surprisingly clear. Admittedly, this is something I definitely plan to continue post-boot camp. Holistic healing? Count me in.

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