Britney Spears' Circle: Supporters or Enablers?

"It's been a real back-and-forth," said Us Weekly editor Drew. "Britney rebels against her but at the same time that's her mother and they have a very long, complicated relationship.

"Britney's mom has been trying to get back into her daughter's life to help her," he added.

Since her book deal has been put on hold after her other daughter, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears, announced her pregnancy, Lynne has been seen gallivanting around Los Angeles with Britney.

But a move may be imminent, according to a statement released by Britney's lawyer to The New York Post, which details Lynne Spears' plans to move Britney back home to Kentwood, La.

"Lynne is extremely concerned for her daughter and would like to take Britney back home to Louisiana and get her out of Hollywood," according to the statement. "Lynn was holding up reasonably well, but her first priority and concern right now is with her daughter and helping her through this very tough situation that she is in."

Jamie Spears, Britney's Dad

Britney's dad has been seen in and out of the hospital alongside the pop star since her first ride in the ambulance on Jan. 3. reported that Jamie -- along with the rest of the Spears entourage -- showed up at the UCLA Medical Center to check in on Britney, but Jamie, as well as his estranged wife Lynne, were pitted against Lutfi.

Jamie Spears is infuriated with Lutfi's involvement and has accused him of "trying to control his daughter's mind," according to, which has been following the Spears' drama as it unfolds.

Jamie's relationship with Britney has at times been the best of the family's according to Us Weekly.

"He genuinely loves her and cares about her," Drew said. "He has said he was addicted to alcohol during the height of Britney's career -- but he was closer to his daughter in many regards than her mother has been."

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's Little Sister

Britney's 16-year-old kid sister has had an eventful couple of months, too.

The teen star of Nickelodeon's "Zoe 101" shocked the world when she announced her pregnancy to OK! Magazine in December 2007.

"It was a shock for both of us, so unexpected," she told the magazine, which reportedly shelled out big bucks for the exclusive. "I was in complete and total shock and so was he."

Casey Aldridge, the younger Spears' boyfriend, is the baby's father.

Since the announcement little has been heard of from Jamie Lynn, and she has so far not been spotted with the rest of her family flocking to Los Angeles.

Shortly after Jamie Lynn's announcement, Britney was asked by a mob of paparazzi what she thought of her sister's pregnancy, to which she played stupid and pretended not to have heard the news.

Adnan Ghalib, the Boyfriend

Britney's boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, is just as mysterious as the rest of the Spears' entourage.

Ghalib, 35, works for FinalPixx photo agency and has been Spears' tagalong since December, when the duo reportedly became romantically involved.

Numerous published reports and photographs have documented the couple together -- from visits to convenience stores to escapades in Spears' Mercedes Benz.

But a loyal boyfriend he may not be -- the Web site of Ghalib's employer features what appears to be a minute-by-minute blog of Spears' trip from her Studio City home to the hospital.

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