Kanye West Controversy, Michael Jackson Tribute and More VMA Highlights

But the celebrity wheel of karma came full circle and all worked out in the end. Swift got another go at the mic thanks to an uber-gracious Knowles, who offered Swift the opportunity to finish her speech after winning the Video of the Year award.

And true to form, West apologized to Swift by posting the following on his blog late Sunday night: "I'M SOOOOO SORRY TO TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER FANS AND HER MOM. I SPOKE TO HER MOTHER RIGHT AFTER AND SHE SAID THE SAME THING MY MOTHER WOULD'VE SAID. SHE IS VERY TALENTED!" Late Monday he took to his blog again to compare the incident to the movie "Meet the Parents." "I feel like Ben Stiller in "Meet the Parents" when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave," Kanye wrote. "That was Taylor's moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her. I am truly sorry."

VIDEO: A young Republican uses a Lady Gaga song to create a video thats critical of President Obama.

More From the VMAs

Other moments of note included:

Swift singing the song that won her a VMA, "You Belong With Me," on a subway platform and then a moving subway car.

Pink performing her hit "Sober" while simultaneously suspended in mid-air in a trapeze act.

Host Russell Brand apologizing to the Jonas Brothers for making fun of their chastity vows at last year's VMAs, then adding that they had to forgive him regardless because they're Christian.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys bringing down the house with their duet of "Empire State of Mind," off the epic rapper's just-dropped album, "The Blueprint 3."

VIDEO: Lady Gaga wears a Kermit the Frog outfit.

Pink's "Sober" act included a trapeze.

But Lady Gaga deserves special mention. The pop sensation of the moment showed up with Kermit the Frog on her arm and orchestrated no less than three wardrobe changes from red carpet to ceremony's end. Her accoutrements included a gold neck brace, a feather-adored Victorian-esque collar, a white, spiky face-framing wreath and a red lace face mask/hat.

Gaga's getup managed to unnerve Eminem.

VIDEO: For the first time since her brother?s death, Janet Jackson opens up.

Gaga stripped off that last head-enveloping accessory while accepting the award for Best New Artist, the better to clearly thank "God and the gays." For at least a few seconds, everyone could read the enigmatic pop star's poker face just fine.
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