Wolf Files: Top Weird Stories of 2003

But perhaps it's not so unusual for a president's sibling, proving once again that two brothers can be as different as … well … brothers. [Next: Dead Man Sparkling]

10. Dead Man Sparkling: Is your wife a real gem? Even if she's not, she can be, when she dies.

Thanks to LifeGem funeral company in Chicago, the cremated ashes of your loved ones can now be turned into diamond jewelry.

For decades, scientists have been able to manufacture artificial diamonds from carbon in a laboratory. LifeGem promises that the diamond pendants, necklaces and rings made from your deceased loved ones have "the same brilliance, fire, and hardness as any high-quality diamond you may find at Tiffany's," according to company literature.

In March, the company delivered its first order, when the remains of a 27-year-old woman who died of Hodgkin's disease were transformed into six precious stones and delivered to her family and friends.

These sparklers aren't cheap. A .25-carat diamond — the smallest LifeGem sells — has recently been marked down from $3,950 to $2,095. Even at the reduced price, that's more than twice the cost of a natural diamond, so don't get the idea that you're worth more dead than alive.

You're still only worth something to the people you love.

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