'Tis the Season to Get Engaged

6. Jewelers for Nervous Guys: Girls aren't the only ones who know guys sometimes need a little prodding. This month, Seattle jeweler EE Robbins began offering "The Proposer" -- a 6-foot-5 gent, decked out like a James Bond character in all black. He pulls up to a bride's door in a vintage Cadillac limousine, and knocks on her door with an engagement ring he keeps in a steel briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. P.S. He doesn't like hearing "No."

Another major jeweler, Robbins Bros. of California and Texas, now lends out its mobile billboard truck to plaster a personalized "Will You Marry Me" sign in a strategic location. The company began experimenting with the service in the spring, and is now resuming the services for the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas rush.

Still another jeweler is taking on the issue of grooms who fear picking out the wrong ring, but don't want to pop the question empty handed. The old solution was to use a temporary ring that could be returned for something the bride has in mind. But wouldn't it be nice to have something you could keep from the night you got engaged?

Message Connextion now offers the $67 "Will You Marry Me?" bracelet, which contains a locket-like little envelope, to allow a man to have words of love etched on tiny, micro-engraved plates. Technology now allows for 400-word messages that can fit on jewelry. Hopefully, this wrist ornament will get the woman in the ring-shopping mood, and she won't respond with an "I Need to Think About It" bracelet for him.

7. Pretend Marriage: If you want all of the fun of getting married, but none of the commitment, The Avenue Inn in New Orleans will throw you a mock wedding and honeymoon weekend, so you can see how you and your partner react. The $349 two-day package comes complete with a hand bouquet and boutonniere, a walk down the aisle, and an exchanging of vows officiated by a mock minister.

"Ever test-drive a new car? … Taste the ice cream before it goes in the cone? Here's your chance for a non-threatening trial wedding to test the waters of matrimony," says innkeeper Joe Rabhan.

"If your 'almost' significant other is a bit squeamish about tying the knot, or perhaps thinking of running away, this is an experience that's like no other … except the real thing, of course."

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at ABCNEWS.com. "The Wolf Files" is published Tuesdays.

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