The Wolf Files' Offbeat Holiday Gift Guide

Let's forget the highly politicized issue of whether to greet others with "Happy Holidays" or "Have a Merry Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-New-Year's-Boxing-Day-and-Festivus." Let's get to the more important issues: What do you want? And what do you need to buy?

If you're looking to please those hard-to-please grouches, here once again is The Wolf Files' annual list of holiday gifts:

1. Ultimate Pogo: The Flybar 1200 is not your father's pogo stick. Designed by skateboard star Andy Macdonald, the 12 rubber thrusters allow riders to take five-foot bounces through the air -- and hopefully not land on their butts.

Of course, there are lower settings, so that your little daredevil won't put a dent in your ceiling -- or his skull. On sale at $250, the Flybar has become one of's biggest holiday hits.

2. Extreme Camcorders: What's the point of bouncing off walls on your new pogo stick, skateboard or dirt bike if you can't videotape your hot-dogging exploits? The $99 Tony Hawk HelmetCam -- a lightweight digital camera that attaches to your helmet -- makes up to 40 minutes of incredible sports video.

Available at Digital Blue, the HelmetCam weighs less than a half-pound and runs on two AAA batteries. If you don't bike or board, strap the HelmetCam to your dog and when the pooch runs around, you'll understand why a dog's life is completely under-rated.

3. iPod Fashion: Contemporary women now recall the good old days when visible panty lines were all they had to hide. The latest fashion faux pas is having unsightly wires sticking out of your ear.

Even headbands have gone high-tech. Designer Steffi Thomas is introducing the Swapset -- the first headband with built-in channels for cell phones, iPods and MP3 players, with prices starting at $25.

Another alternative is Oakley's Thump-2 sunglasses equipped with an MP-3 player that holds up to 1 GB of memory. That's hours of music with full UV protection at prices starting under $300.

But the perfect gift for the person who always forgets to charge his electronics is Reware's Juice Bag -- a $200 backpack equipped with flexible solar panels that can power almost any 12-volt device in two to four hours, using just a car charger adapter and the power of the sun.

The Juice Bag, one of Ideal Bite's top holiday picks, hit the market in June. Users say you don't need tropical sun for a good charge. This eco-friendly backpack works all over the country, and in all seasons, though moving to Las Vegas in July can't hurt.

4. The SleepTracker Watch: Ever wonder why you're groggy some mornings, no matter how many hours of shut-eye you get? Often, your alarm rings while you're in that sweet state of heavy sleep. The SleepTracker -- a $150 watch with motion sensors -- is designed to end those rude awakenings by waiting until you're in a lighter state of sleep before it rings.

At night, you just program SleepTracker with an acceptable window of time in which it needs to wake you up, and it'll wait for the best moment to give you a nudge. SleepTracker is not a medical device, but Time magazine named it one of the "Coolest Inventions of 2005."

If you and your spouse both wear a SleepTracker, you can compare sleep logs and test your compatibility. Are you waking each other up? Does your midnight snoring keep your partner awake? This is the watch that might tell you it's time for a divorce.

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