'Survivor' Tips for Richard Hatch in Prison

4. Keep Your Shirt On: Being an avowed nudist made him a standout on "Survivor," but in prison, nudism is not a lifestyle he's likely to enjoy. "He might just think of his prison uniform as a second skin," Brogdon said.

If Hatch needs a new hobby, he might be best served by keeping a journal, Brogdon said. "It's useful when you need to show you've learned something. He has to work toward behavior that could earn him an early release. And this is a ghoulish world in many respects. It might be something he could publish."

5. As Soon as You Get Out, Call Mark Burnett: Hatch isn't necessarily through with reality TV. Mark Burnett -- the man who created "Survivor" -- also put Martha Stewart in "The Apprentice" when she got out of prison.

"Burnett is really the common thread -- the Kevin Bacon, if you will -- between Stewart and Hatch. He should give him a call as soon as he gets out and see what his career options are," says Levin.

"Of course, we don't know if Burnett will take the call."

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