2004: The Year of the Boob

Of all the new products in development, here's my favorite: German telecommunications giant Siemens announced that it was developing a cell phone with a tiny sensor that would alert users if they've got bad breath.

"It examines the air in the immediate vicinity for anything from bad breath and alcohol to atmospheric gas levels," a company spokeswoman said. "Some people take smelling good rather seriously."

It's unclear how soon you'll be able to simultaneously check your voice mail and your breath. Let's just hope Siemens equips its new cell phone with a Tic Tac dispenser. [Full Story]

10. Future of Fortune Telling

Talk about predictable news: In August, with National Psychic Week approaching, the Wolf Files asked several top psychics about the fate of their own profession, and, as you may have predicted, fortune tellers see great things in their own future.

TV psychic Sylvia Browne predicted that psychics would one day serve as Earth's emissaries to visiting extraterrestrials, allowing humans to speak with space aliens.

"It's abundantly clear that we already have extraterrestrials living among us, and people are stepping forward who can communicate with them," Browne, 68, told the Wolf Files.

"We shouldn't be scared of ETs. If they wanted to destroy us, they would have a long time ago."

In the next 25 years, Browne sees a world where robot-servants will become everyday appliances. Doors will lock at the blink of an eye, and we'll take trips to the moon to meet with advanced life forms from other planets.

Other clairvoyants predicted that they would soon be reading DNA just as they read palms. Still others are trying to form a psychic news cable network, so that TV viewers can watch tomorrow's news today.

Florida psychic Jill Dahne predicted that Bush would be re-elected and that a psychic would one day be appointed to a cabinet level position, something like Secretary of Foresight.

Bush has since made several changes to his cabinet, but that move, apparently, has yet to be announced. Just remember, you heard it hear first. [Full Story]

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at ABCNEWS.com. The Wolf Files is published Tuesdays.

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