Pigskin Pigout: Super Bowlfuls of Gluttony

However, 62 percent of women find double-dipping unsavory, according to the same poll, sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch, makers of a variety of dips.

Women in the 35-to-44 age group tend to be more offended than younger or older women, and that's especially true in the South, where manners really do count.

Men are not crazy about double-dippers either, but to a lesser extent, with 54 percent condemning the practice (and, presumably, 46 percent vigorously approving the practice).

If you must double dip, the survey suggests you do it in the Western or North-Central states, where folks tend to be most tolerant of buffet buffoons.

4. Buffet Etiquette: 'Floor Grazing' and Day-After Munching
Super Bowl buffets can get sloppy. If food falls to the floor, can you still eat it -- or serve it to your guests? Of course, many factors are involved, but apparently many Americans apply the three-second rule.

Roughly one in four Americans believes it's OK to eat or serve food that has fallen to the floor as long as it is rescued within three seconds, according to the American Dietetic Association and the ConAgra Foods Foundation, which teamed up on a Home Food Safety program.

The day after the big game, another health issue comes into play: Is it OK to eat unrefrigerated leftovers? On this issue, a Home Food Safety study indicates that 16 percent of Americans frequently eat leftover pizza the next morning, even if it hasn't been refrigerated. An additional 20 percent admit to doing it some of the time, according to a poll of 1,000 men and women conducted by Synovate Research Solutions.

Of course, if you wake up the next morning and find your spouse eating unrefrigerated leftovers off the floor, a new three-second rule applies. You've got three seconds to start screaming.

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at ABCNEWS.com. The Wolf Files is published Tuesdays.

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