Why Women Really Have Sex

To Even the Score

"My husband cheated with my best friend, so I had an affair with her husband for three months. I did not feel guilty at all." Heterosexual woman, age 44

Out of Pity and and Want for Power

"I had sex with a couple of guys because I felt sorry for them. These guys were virgins and I felt bad that they had never had sex before so I had sex with them. I felt like I was doing them a big favor that no one else had ever done. I felt power over them, like they were weaklings under me and I was in control. It boosted my confidence to be the teacher in the situation and made me feel more desirable." Heterosexual woman, age 25

Because They Were 'Out of Her League'

"I have specifically gone out with PhDs, MDs, JDs [and] CEOs because I have always thought they were out of my league. Thinking they are so much smarter than I am because of a degree. I really wanted to know what makes them tick and what makes them better than I am. I have slept with all of them. I learned they are no different than a mechanic or factory worker; they just have more money." Heterosexual woman, age 42

To Squash the Competition, Real or Imagined

"My boyfriend is always telling me how gorgeous he thinks Kate Moss is. Really, she is just a skinny, drug-addicted b***h. What method did I think about using to kill her? I thought about taking a wire coat hanger and putting it through her eye to make her brain dead. Then I would hang her skinny body up in my closet and show my boyfriend that she isn't so gorgeous after all." Heterosexual woman, age 20

For Money

"I only [have sex for money] with my kid's father. Not a prostitute or anything and because I love him but nothing is free in this world." Heterosexual woman, age 32

Because Everyone Else Was Doing It

"I was in college and all my friends had experienced [sex] and I wanted to know what it was like. Thinking about how everyone in the world knew what sex was and that people started wars and killed over it ... it made me curious and I felt a sort of 'pressure' to find out about it." Heterosexual woman, age 24

Out of Boredom and Want for a Good Meal

"I was seeing a man who was 69 years old, 22 years older than me. He took me to an expensive steak and seafood restaurnt. I was only seeing him because I was bored, new in town, had not met anyone else. We both lived with relatives so mostly parked in his car, a big Cadillac. He usually wanted oral sex, so I did it. I figured, why not? He enjoyed it and I got a good meal." Heterosexual woman, age 47

Because of a Sense of Duty

"When I was single, I had sex for my own personal pleasure. Now that I am married, I have sex to please my husband. My own pleasure doesn't seem as important as his. I believe he feels the same way." Heterosexual woman, age 26

To Burn Calories

"My boyfriend and I were on a diet and felt we were not getting enough exercise so we decided to have a little fun and burn a few extra calories a few times a day by having sex. It was fun and really helped us to feel the burn."Predominantly heterosexual woman, age 25

In Place of Painkillers

"I suffer from migrane headaches and although the attacks are few and far between and are generally mild, I find that when I have sex during my headaches, especially when I have a great over the top climax, it goes away before I know it." Heterosexual woman, age 42

To Bond

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