'American Idol': Expert Bloggers Size Up the Final Nine

"He was so nervous singing that song," Miller said. "With this week's theme it was noticeable how young he was, and the entire performance just wasn't believable."

Miller and Santilli have also ranked Kelly in their bottom three.

Michael Lynche

Michael Lynche

Referred to as Big Mike, Lynche, 26, is a personal trainer in St. Petersburg, Fla. During "Hollywood Week," his wife gave birth to a baby girl. That was not the only good news for Lynche. He was slated to be eliminated last week but after he sang for his life, the judges decided to use their one and only "save" on him, keeping him in the competition for another week.

Big Mike sang "In the Ghetto" this week, scaling his normally theatrical performance down to just a stool and his guitar, which the judges generally liked.

Santilli said Lynche did "pretty well" and was "smart to scale his performance back," but that it all still depends on the fans.

"He didn't have the fans to save him last week," Santilli said. "So he might not have them again this week."

Miller said that Lynche's performance was only OK but still preferable to last week's.

"It was a bit boring in the beginning," Miller said. "But at least it was better this week."

Both bloggers consider Big Mike safe, meaning he won't be in the top three, but he wont be in the bottom three either.

Katie Stevens

Katie Stevens

Stevens, 17, is from Middlebury, Connecticut and is currently a high school senior. Stevens plays the guitar, piano, flute and cello, but hasn't played any instrument yet on the show.

Lambert told Stevens that she had the pipes and the look, but she has to make the audience believe in her. And the judges were split on whether she did that with last night's rendition of "Baby What You Want Me to Do?"

"I like her voice," Miller said. "I am just not sure if she has the fans to stay in the competition, because she has been in the bottom three a lot."

On the other hand, Santilli said that she might be making a comeback.

"She's not as wooden or robotic as she used to be," Santilli said. "She has become more confident and commanding on stage. I think in the last two weeks something clicked for her, and that was a connection to the song she was singing. Before she had no connection to the song, but these last two weeks she has had a connection and has done well."

Miller thinks Katie will be safe, while Santilli has her in the top three.

Tim Urban

Tim Urban

Urban, 20, from Duncanville, Texas, has nine siblings who were all homeschooled by their mother. Before Idol, Urban played the Dallas Christian music circuit with his band.

This week Urban slowed down his performance and sang the Elvis classic "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You."

Surprisingly, the judges all agreed that he had great vocals, and that his performance was extremely "current" in the vein of today's singer-songwriters.

Santilli said that Urban was an interesting example of "someone who has a limited vocal ability but works within his niche.

"He is working in the teen idol niche," Santilli said "He is cute and sweet. I really think he will last a while now. He could get into the top five if he keeps this up."

"This was much better than the Queen song when he was sliding across the stage," Miller said. "He was much better just sitting and singing a song. I think he is one of the competitors taking the advice of the mentors and listening to the judges and really learning."

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