'American Idol': Expert Bloggers Size Up the Final Nine

Even though they were surprised to say it in light of his past, not great, performances, both bloggers believe Urban will end up in the top three.

Siobhan Magnus

Siobhan Magnus

Magnus, 19, is known for her large vocal range and ability to belt out high soprano notes. She used to sing for the alternative rock band Lunar Valve, which broke up in 2009. She is an apprentice glassblower when she's not off stage. Magnus sang "Suspicious Minds" this week. Besides getting advice from Lambert, Magnus also channeled the ex-idol through her hair, which was blow-dried into a hairdo any soccer mom would envy.

Simon said that Magnus was "pitchy" during her high-pitched scatting, and Miller agreed.

"I love her, but I kind of agree with Simon about the screaming and the screeching," Miller said.

Santilli said that Magnus has totally lost her way.

"She has a big voice but she doesn't know what to do with it," Santilli said. "Her performance was messy, and vocally all over the place. It was boring when she started in her mid-range voice and then she oversang and was a little pitchy when she started hitting those big notes."

Santilli believes Magnus will hit the bottom three, while Miller said she'd be safe.

Casey James

Casey James

James, 27, from Fort Worth, Texas, had a series of accidents that put his career in jeopardy. First, he had a bad reaction to the whooping cough vaccine that could've caused brain damage, but didn't. Then he was in a motorcycle accident that doctors said would leave him unable to play guitar, a prediction that was obviously incorrect.

This week James sang "Lawdy Miss Clawdy." The judges seemed indifferent about the song but said James needed to pick it up in the coming weeks if he wanted to stay in this competition.

Santilli agreed. "Casey went backwards a little bit," Santilli said. "He just doesn't really come alive on stage at all."

James is Miller's favorite because "he is so adorable" and she "loves the sound of his voice."

"I thought he did great," Miller said. "But Simon really didn't like it, so I don't know how that will affect the votes."

Miller, possibly because of her personal bias, said Casey may be in the top three but Santilli puts Casey as merely safe.

Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze

Before "Idol," DeWyze, 23, had two CDs, which were released independently, leaving him still eligible to compete. His influences include soulful singers like Eric Clapton and Simon & Garfunkel.

After performing "A Little Less Conversation," the judges said that he really went for it vocally and they really liked his performance. DeWyze himself also seemed to be smiling and enjoying the competition more than he has in the past. "He had the best performance of the night," Miller said. "He really picked a great song for his voice."

Santilli said that DeWyze had great vocals, but was a bit tense on stage.

"He wasn't playful enough while singing," Santilli said. "He needs to connect with audience more: make eye contact, flirt, smile."

Both bloggers have DeWyze in the top three.

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox

A one-time struggling musician who played for money at train stations, Bowersox, 23, is now safely in the "Idol" top nine. She has been known to be a bit offbeat in her musical selections, including adding a didgeridoo to the Beatles song "Come Together."

During the discussion of her performance of "Saved," the judges said she sounded great, and Randy called her "the second coming of Bonnie Raitt."

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