'American Idol' Top Seven: Who Has What It Takes?


James, 27, received much the same criticism that he did last week, which was that he left the judges indifferent. And leaving them, and U.S. voters, feeling nothing means the performance is forgettable and one that probably won't garner a lot of text votes.

Despite the mediocre vocals, James did well by the guitar riffs in "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac.

Judge Simon Cowell blamed the so-so nature of the performance on a "lazy song choice."

Blogger Spahr said, "I have had an issue with Casey all season, as far as having stage presence. Technically, he is very good as far as playing the guitar and singing at the same time, but he lacks stage presence."

Mansfield said James' performance was just like the ones he has given every other week.

"People who were on the fence about him have decided that he really can't do any better," Mansfield said. "I don't think he hurt himself, but it was really just a placeholder performance."

Both Spahr and Mansfield said that James will be safe this week.

Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze

The former paint salesman blew the judges away again this week. After his performance of "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel, judge Randy Jackson said he is a "great artist who is ready to make great music."

Judge Kara DioGuardi gushed and said, "Keep picking songs that you feel connected too."

Mansfield agreed with Kara's comment. "He did a song that he had a personal connection with, but he invested something special into the song," Mansfield said.

"He doesn't have the voice of the original singer, Paul Simon," Mansfield continued, "But he didn't try to and in doing so, he made the song a Lee DeWyze song."

Spahr pointed out that this is the second time DeWyze has done a song that has no words in the refrain and received high praise.

"The judges really liked his rendition of "Hey Jude," which has a refrain of Na-na," Spahr said. "And tonight the refrain was Lai-Lai. It's a cool talent and is very interesting."

Llerena said DeWyze is, "The best out of the guys, for sure."

Both experts believed that DeWyze was one of the top three for the night.

Tim Urban

Tim Urban

"Teflon" Tim, as he is known, may have reached the end of his run with Tuesday night's less than stellar rendition of "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Judge Ellen DeGeneres compared Urban and his performances to a soup of the day. "Sometimes I like it," she said. "And sometimes I don't like it. And tonight I didn't like it."

Mansfield said that although Urban has figured out what works for him, sitting and singing while he plays guitar, Tuesday's piece lacked the "wow" of the other weeks.

Experts Doubt Urban Will Survive

"The song was a little outside his range both melodically and emotionally," Mansfield said. "It was a step outside of his capabilities."

Spahr said this performance was just bad. "He had an OK performance last week," Spahr said. "But this week was terrible. There was really not one good part of the performance."

Unfortunately for him, Urban is in the bottom three for both experts. Spahr even said that Urban will be the contestant going home tonight.

Aaron Kelly

Aaron Kelly

Kelly told "Idol" viewers that the first time he sang his choice for inspirational song week, "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly, was at his preschool graduation.

Simon congratulated Kelly for having "the guts to take on a song like that," but said that if he heard that on the radio, "He would have turned it off within ten seconds."

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