Ben Affleck on Creating 'Argo,' Relying on Jennifer Garner


"She doesn't need my professional counsel," he said. "We're together and we're there in the same house, we're reading each other's scripts, and just being part of that. But she is definitely independent, makes her own decisions, has really, really sharp instincts."

When asked who the alpha was in their household, Affleck laughed.

"Any man who wants to have a marriage work needs to know who the boss is," he said. "The smart thing about me is that I know how great she is."

Now a father of three kids under the age of 7, Affleck said fatherhood has taught him how important it is to live by your values and lead by example.

"Kids, they see what you do," he said. "They don't listen to what you say, and it means that I have to hold myself to account, in a way, that I think is really good."

Four years ago, Affleck invited "Nightline" along as he laid the groundwork for his Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), an effort he helped launch to bring attention to the desperation of millions ravaged by war and famine. Recently, the ECI worked with Theo Chocolate to launch a series of chocolate bars made entirely from Congolese cocoa. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ECI to support Congolese farmers.

"This is something that's really exciting to me because it's not aid, it's not hand-outs, it's reaching out to our partners in a place that's really broken and damaged," Affleck said. "Things are getting better, but they are getting better slowly."

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