Bill O'Reilly Rages, Anderson Cooper Giggles: Top 6 Reporter Freak-Out Videos


3. Justin Mosely – Weatherman vs. Cockroach

Justin Mosely was just getting started recording a weather segment for SNN Local News 6 in Sarasota, Fla., when he felt something crawl up his leg. It was a giant cockroach. Mosely lost his composure, and when an employee posted the video online, a YouTube celebrity was born.

Mosely said he went through many emotions when the tape was first aired on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." "There's a lot of frustration," Mosely told ABC News. "You're wondering, 'Why is this happening?' Looking back, I'm able to laugh at it. It's a funny clip. It wasn't funny at the time. And to this day, you're just not sure how it will impact the rest of my career."

Mosely's career seems to be doing just fine. He is now chief meteorologist at the same station where the incident happened and has become a local celebrity. "He is a rock star around here," said a colleague. "People ask him for his autograph everywhere he goes."

Weatherman vs. Cockroach

4. Bill O'Reilly – 'F**k It! We'll Do It Live!'

During Bill O'Reilly's six-year stint as the anchor of "Inside Edition," the conservative pundit had one of the most epic meltdowns ever recorded. Flustered and unable to understand the phrase "to play us out," O'Reilly lost it, lashing out at his staff and unleashing some choice words about his failing teleprompter.

Media reporter Brian Stelter said that the O'Reilly clip hasn't done much to dent his career. "The Bill O'Reilly clip didn't contradict his essential nature," he told ABC News. "Oftentimes when these clips tell us something different about a person, that's when they really seem to shock people."

O'Reilly seems to be doing just fine. He hosts "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News, and just published his 10th book, "Killing Lincoln," in September.

Bill O'Reilly Loses It

5. Isiah Carey's Change of Demeanor

Isiah Carey was working as a television reporter in Little Rock, Ark. While taping a segment about a local high school student who had died. Carey began his report in his most earnest "news reporter voice." Shortly after, a grasshopper leaped directly into his mouth. His professional demeanor melted away, and he let the obscenities fly.

The incident was mostly forgotten until the tape resurfaced on Youtube and went viral, racking up more than 13 million views. "That's me losing control, losing composure," Carey told comedian Daniel Tosh in an interview on Comedy Central.

But he understands why everyone seems to love the clip.

"You see reporters as robots and stiff, and they just give you the facts, and in this particular instance you get to see a real reporter act a fool," he said.

The fame Carey has garnered from his infamous bug-in-mouth incident seems to have helped his career. Carey now works as a general assignment reporter at Fox 26 in Houston, one of the biggest markets in the country.

Isiah Carey's Change of Demeanor

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