Will Cameron Diaz Join Yankee Wives Club?


The month before their wedding, Swisher, 30, told People: "I think for the first time in my life, I have a woman who I could not be more proud of. We do such a great job really pushing the other one to do better and I think that's what you have to have."

Guests of the Palm Beach wedding included Garcia's cast mates, Cameron Diaz, Swisher's Yankee teammate Alex Rodriguez and former teammate Johnny Damon, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Lance Bass and Reba McEntire, who played Garcia's mother on "Reba."

Garcia, who was once engaged to Trace Ayala, Justin Timberlake's personal assistant and childhood friend, began seeing Swisher in August 2009, according to People, and the couple became engaged in May.

Garcia may be able to learn the ropes about being a Yankee wife from these two non-celebrity wives:

Laura Posada

Jorge Posada's wife Laura Posada is no slouch. At 38, she's an attorney, certified personal trainer and published author.

According to the Daily News, the couple first met as teenagers in their native Puerto Rico, then reacquainted 10 years later in a bar, where the Yankees catcher reportedly said: "I'm going to make that woman my wife."

He did in January 2000. Kids, Jorge Luis, and Paulina followed. But the family's strength was tested when Jorge Luis, who was born with craniosynostosis, a condition in which the sutures which hold the plates of the skull together, fuse before a child's brain has finished growing, had to undergo eight different operations since birth. Now 10, Jorge Luis appears to be out of the woods.

Laura, who co-founded the Jorge Posada Foundation to raise money and awareness for craniosynostosis, is determined to help other kids dealing with the condition.

Amber Sabathia

Amber Sabathia, 27, married her high school sweetheart, Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia, in 2003, soon after graduating from high school.

No slouch herself, she reportedly earned her college degree while raising their three children. And she appears to wield considerable influence over her husband.

A California girl, she reportedly rebuffed the Yankees' efforts to recruit her husband because she didn't want to raise her kids in New York. After a third day of negotiations, CC reportedly asked General Manager Brian Cashman to make a pitch to Amber face-to-face. Following the meeting, CC signed with the Yankees.

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