Which Celebrity Diet Should You Follow?

Back in 2002, the pop star told Larry King her one indulgence was toast.

"That's why when I'm sneaking and I'm having a moment of decadence, I eat toast with strawberry jam," she said.

Processed bread is discouraged in the macrobiotic diet, which is considered more of an approach to eating than a diet. Dairy products and nightshade vegetables, like tomatoes and potatoes, are considered no-no's, while whole grains, such as brown rice and buckwheat pasta, mild seasonings and fish, preferably obtained locally, are recommended.

"Macrobiotic means big life and it means getting the most of life -- the most life out of your food," Madonna told King.

That means Madonna's average dinner consists of "fish, grains, some kind of grains, some kind of cooked vegetable, salad," she said. "Simple, but tasty."

Madonna also avoids eating out. "I don't really eat food in restaurants -- you can never be sure what's in it, can you?" she once said.

Ayoob is not thrilled with the macrobiotic diet, because he's opposed to "anything that gets rid of whole food groups," he said. "It's basically dairy-free and meat-free.

"Madonna can hire a chef and personal trainer to maintain her lifestyle," he added. "But most people don't live like that. Besides, it's not going to make us Madonna. It never will."

Padma Lakshmi: A 10-Point Moderate Approach

As host of the cable reality show "Top Chef," model and cookbook author Padma Lakshmi inevitably gains 10 to 15 pounds by the end of the season.

To lose the weight, she outlined her 10-point plan in the latest issue of Glamour magazine, the first being to be realistic and patient with weight loss. Lakshmi believes food should be pleasurable, so no cutting out all carbs or being too restrictive. She also believes in using lots of spices to season food.

Like Madonna, she recommends eating at home over going out, starting the day with breakfast and incorporating two snacks between meals. She also suggests cutting back on alcohol and going heavy on the vegetables. And when it comes to dessert, go for low-calorie, portion-controlled sweets. Most important, she says, exercise.

"That's very reasonable and much more realistic," said Ayoob. "It's not going to produce a 20-pound weight loss in one week, but 1 to 2 pounds a week. And you're going to lose weight without going insane."

He especially likes her advice on dessert portions and said if you're unsure what's in something, only take two or three bites of it. Most of all, incorporating physical activity in your life, even making it part of your fun, is crucial. Dancing, for instance, is a terrific activity.

"You can make that party work for you," he said.

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