Charlie Sheen Bombs at Detroit Debut of 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth'


At one point, Sheen asked audience members to raise their hands if they've ever done crack. When few hands went up, Sheen said he was "surprised because Detroit seems like a good place to get crack." That was met with a crush of "F*** yous."

The night's rumored special guest, rapper Snoop Dogg, didn't show. (A less well-known rapper, Dirt Nasty, did but received a worse reception than Sheen.) A little more than an hour into his act, Sheen offered up a video of Snoop singing the song they recorded together, "Winning." After that, the house lights came on; the show was over. By that point, it looked like 50-percent of the theater had emptied out.

Sheen returned with his Oberlin and Kenly 15 minutes after most of the crowd left to thank his "true fans" -- the stragglers remaining near the stage. He said that the show's still something of an experiment and it'll get better; he shook a few hands. When forlorn fans started shouting "refund," he left for good.

Sheen's due in Chicago tomorrow, in New York, Boston and more cities next week. His publicist did not immediately respond to's question about whether those shows are still on, but if they go anything like his Saturday's did, many attendees may walk out echoing the refrain of one Detroit show-goer: "Joke's on us."

Charlie Sheen with his "goddesses," Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly.
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