Decision Day for Conrad Murray


With the recent change in California law, which transfers all nonviolent inmates to county jail, it's unlikely he will do any time in state prison. Moreover, with the realities of jail overcrowding, he could end up serving his sentence under house arrest.

That's not all. Civil suits against Murray and AEG Live LLC, the firm behind Jackon's "This Is It" tour, have already been filed. Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray in November 2010. Katherine Jackson, the pop star's mother, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG in September 2010.

Sources familiar with planning told that it's likely the two suits will be joined and focus on Murray's action. Sources said that the civil case will attempt to answer whether or not AEG knew that propofol, the drug that was determined to have killed Michael Jackson, was being used for outpatients and whether AEG knew administering propofol that way was a risky enterprise.

But it's unlikely the lawsuits will ask Murray to pay damages. Sources said that considering AEG's resources and Murray's lack thereof, the entertainment firm would be held accountable.

Oxman said the family is furious that AEG was not brought into the criminal case, and it believes the powerhouse concert promoter is just as responsible for Jackson's death.

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