The 'Crazy' Ways Lea Michele Keeps Her Voice in Shape

PHOTO: "Glee" actress Lea Michele makes an appearance on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," March 19, 2014.

Practice makes perfect.

Or at least, that's Lea Michele's motto.

Lea Michele: 'I Couldn't Have Done It' Without Family and Friends

The singer, 27, told Ellen DeGeneres that on days of her performances, she goes through a routine that involves bobbing, swinging her arms and vocal exercises.

"It's a whole day's process -- like, no dairy for the day, and I really try to watch everything that I eat, and get lots of sleep and warm up," she said. "I'll sing the whole song, but only on the sound, like 'ma,' so that it sounds really weird. People think that I'm crazy."

Lea Michele Reveals She 'Talked About Children' With Cory Monteith

Michele, who just released a new album, "Louder," (get the full review here) is celebrating its debut at No. 1.

For those who haven't heard her new songs, she assured DeGeneres that there's a one for "whatever mood you're in," including "fun songs and, obviously, there's sad songs," some of which were added after the death of her boyfriend, Cory Monteith.

"The album was actually completed [in] June of last year," she said. "Over the two years of recording it, it took different sounds, and we were very poppy for a while. And then, it got a little darker and then we found a really good, I think, balance on the whole record."

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