'Dallas': Where Are They Now?

Video: Rumors about a Dallas remake sends fans abuzz.

Long before the Sopranos became television's most talked about family, another clan had shamelessly marked its territory. Those folks were the Ewings of Southfork Ranch, and they lived on the legendary prime-time soap opera "Dallas."

The good news is the Ewings are planning to put out the welcome mat for a return visit to their fans. In September, TheWrap.com reported that cable network TNT had greenlighted a remake of the iconic series. And this week, London's Daily Mail fueled even greater anticipation when it reported that "plans are afoot" to have Larry Hagman, now 79, reprise his role as conniving patriarch JR Ewing.

The Mail also wrote that producers of the remake reportedly approached 61-year-old Patrick Duffy – JR's younger brother Bobby – and 70-year-old Linda Gray – JR's wife – to play their original roles. The story also dropped names, saying that Kiefer Sutherland – who recently finished up the final season of "24" – as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Josh Holloway could be possible cast members.

Video: Rumors about a Dallas remake sends fans abuzz.
Rumors about a Dallas remake

Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Josh Holloway.

"Dallas," which debuted in 1978 on CBS and had an astonishing 13-year run, centered around the Ewings, who had money, oil, cattle, and more scandals and power struggles than most iconic television families. The remake "will focus on JR's son, John Ross, and Bobby and Pam Ewing's adopted son, Christopher," said The Mail. The web site LaLate.com tied Sutherland to the John Ross role.

Nostalgic yet?

VIDEO: Victoria Principal and her housekeeper call 911.

Here's a look at some of "Dallas"'s key players then and now.

Larry Hagman/JR Ewing

Larry Hagman.

Hagman inherited the acting gene from his mother, Broadway musical legend Mary Martin. He'd had roles in television programs 20 years prior to "Dallas," including "I Dream of Jeannie" from 1965-70. The original strategy behind "Dallas" was to focus on the newly married Bobby and Pam Ewing. But Hagman made his role more than the producers had intended. He quickly became the focus of the program.


He never left the business. Four years ago he performed a recurring role on "Nip Tuck," and appeared on "The Simpsons." "The Flight of the Swan," in which Hagman has a role, is awaiting release.

Patrick Duffy/Bobby Ewing

Patrick Duffy.

Duffy made a name for himself in "The Man from Atlantis" television series before being signed to play JR's youngest brother on "Dallas." And he's been busy since the series ended its run. He landed a role in "Step by Step," and continued to act in television movies. Now 61, he recently ended a run on "The Bold and the Beautiful," and has a role in the movie "You Again," currently in release.


Linda Gray/Sue Ellen Ewing

Linda Gray.

Gray was already ensconced in television roles when she got her plum "Dallas" gig, as JR's long-suffering alcoholic wife. After the series ended, she continued her television work, including a role on "Models, Inc." and guest appearances on episodic television. Just turned 70, Gray stars in "The Flight of the Swan" – along with Larry Hagman – which is awaiting release.

Victoria Principal/Pamela Barnes Ewing

elvis and priscilla barbie

Victoria Principal.

Principal, 60, had started her television acting career in the 1970s, and then she struck oil. She was cast in "Dallas" playing Bobby Ewing's wife, a character who often found herself in the middle of the two feuding families.

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