Deepak Chopra on His BlackBerry, Snoring and Consciousness: Spiritual Teacher's Son's Intimate Portrait


"Nightline" makes a cameo during one scene, in which Deepak is at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. Gotham explains in the film that his father was still "irritated" after participating in the 2010 "Nightline" Face-Off debate over God's existence. In the next scene, Deepak has his head shaved and is ordained as a monk, although he does not let go of his BlackBerry.

Throughout the film, Gotham chides his father for continuing to "play the role expected of him," even when he is with family, and for spouting sometimes incomprehensible spiritual notions, such as "the universe is a nanotechnology workshop in the mind of God."

"I am glad everybody is seeing this," Gotham said. "Getting a little window into my world of -- it's like every time you think you are here you slip into the Matrix. It's a collective blue pill we all took every time you talk to him."

While there are many tough moments in the film, it is also, in Gotham's words, a love letter to his father, who rose from nothing, became a pioneer in mind/body medicine and has affected countless lives.

"I am moved quite regularly now by people who come up to me on the street and say, 'Your father helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life,'" Gotham said. "So if I step back and get passed my own sort of personal cynicism, I recognize there is something here. There is this massive body of work that has changed people's lives."

Still, when Deepak saw the film, he said it was a bit of a wake-up call, especially when he watched his wife say on camera that he was "self-involved."

"I think I've gone through some transition and some introspection because even in Thailand, we had a conversation where you asked me if I was wrong, I think, and I said I don't think so, and I then thought about that and maybe I am wrong. At least he perceives me as wrong many times, maybe there is some truth to it."

One concrete change Deepak said he has made is to put down the BlackBerry when he is talking to other people.

"When you look at the world and your own world with this context you don't get easily offended," he said. "You also realize that we have little time. We are like a little puff of smoke gone into the air there. A flash of lightning."

It is an important bit of perspective from a spiritual teacher, who may have learned a few things from his own son.

For more information about "Decoding Deepak," visit the film's website,

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