Fall Television Schedules Offer Hospital Drama, Plenty of Sci-Fi

"Stargate Universe" -- More than 300 hours of "Stargate"-centric television just weren't enough and, so, we have " Stargate Universe," a darker, moodier, grittier show than either "Stargate" or "Stargate Atlantis." Years ago, the Ancients sought to seed the galaxy with stargates, and now a multinational crew settles into one of the Ancients' ships, the Destiny, unsure of how to control it or where it's whisking them. The intriguing cast includes Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na, Lou Diamond Phillips and Alaina Huffman. And don't be shocked if some familiar old faces -- Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, and Robert Picardo, among them -- pop in to visit. (Syfy; Oct. 2)

"Three Rivers" -- How many medical dramas can TV viewers handle before seeking, well, medical attention? The answer to that question may very well determine the fate of this show, as it's debuting after both "Trauma" and "Mercy." Set in Pittsburgh -- hence the title -- "Three Rivers" examines the lives and experiences of the staff, patients and organ donors at a top transplant hospital. Alex O'Loughlin, last seen on the eye network's short-lived vampire saga, "Moonlight," stars as a preeminent surgeon with the season's best character name, Dr. Andy Yablonski. And his co-stars include the immensely talented Katherine Moennig and Alfre Woodard. (CBS; Oct. 4)

"White Collar" -- How will the game change when a con man (Matthew Bomer) and the FBI agent (Tim DeKay), who has long been chasing him, join forces to solve crimes? It's a really promising premise. Add to the mix both Tiffani Thiessen and "Sex and the City's" Willie Garson, and, well, we're a little hot under the collar to see this show. (USA; Oct. 23)

ABC's New Take on Old NBC Show for Fall Shows

"V" -- The saying goes that everything old is new again, and so ABC breathes new life into NBC's old miniseries-series about aliens that arrive on Earth with supposedly friendly intentions. The key word there, of course, is "supposedly." Genre-fave Morena Baccarin ("Firefly") stars as the aliens' comely leader, Anna, while "Lost's" formidable Elizabeth Mitchell serves the resistance and Scott Wolf is a journalist chasing a career-making interview with Anna (ABC; Nov. 3)

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