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She also writes about the fear of abandonment she experienced after her mother Roseann died of breast cancer when O'Donnell was 10 years old. O'Donnell also released a part-memoir, part-mystery book called "Find Me" in 2002. The book delves into O'Donnell's troubled childhood, as well as her relationship with a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder. I was an abused kid," she writes. "This is something I've chosen not to dwell on in my public life. It sounds trite, like an 'ET' sound bite. However, sometimes you can't escape a cliche. So yes, I have been abused," she told Diane Sawyer in an interview.

Barry Williams

Barry Williams, known as Greg Brady on "The Brady Bunch," revealed in his book "Growing Up Brady" that he went on a date with his TV mom Florence Henderson when he was 15 to the Coconut Club in Los Angeles. "I could've ended up writing a book that was about as interesting as the Brady shows themselves,'' he told Entertainment Weekly.com. ''But there is drama, there is conflict." Henderson, who was married at the time, has publicly stated that the date was platonic. "When I wrote the book, I was very specific about how the date was because I felt it was a very significant part of my growing up … I definitely, definitely was on the make for my television Mom. But she, on the other hand was, I think, flattered by the attention and great innocence attached to it. I think she could see my struggles as a teenage kid, there was no doubt that she was married, had four children of her own, and the relationship -- despite what I wanted and where I wanted it to go -- was never going to go anywhere," he said on his Web Site Barry Williams.com.

He also claims he went on a date with TV sister Maureen McCormick as well. "Maureen and I dated on and off from year three through year five. We liked each other, trusted each other and of course it was convenient. It got kinda weird, though, because of all the people, parents, producers being around all the time, not to mention the roles we played," he said.

Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron has spoken in the past about witnessing her mother kill her father when she was 15. Theron's mother Gerda allegedly shot her husband Charles, who was an abusive alcoholic, in act of self-defense. Her mother was never charged. "Everything changed for me the day my father died. Years ago I used to cover it all up and say he died in a car accident. I have now come to terms with it and have been able to move on. This was so long ago in my life and my life, my emotions and the pain are not stuck in this one event," Theron said. She recently told Vogue magazine that although she has come to grips with the traumatic experience, she still wears the incident like a "tattoo."

Chaz Bono

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