'The Hunger Games' Sparks Archery's 'Pop Culture Moment'


But Lorig said Lawrence snapped back at her, "'What are you talking about? You're a four-time Olympian. I'll see you in London and tell everyone, that's my coach!"

The coach was thrilled when she got to see her student on the big screen and gave Lawrence her seal of approval.

"I love it. It felt like I was part of the movie. Every time she'd throw the bow back, I was like, oh my gosh. I had the eyes of a coach," Lorig said. "I think she did an awesome job. She looks very close to a professional kind of archer."

Lorig's only complaint: she was hoping for a "more futuristic bow" than those Katniss uses in the film, but she said that was a small qualm. She'd love be involved with the next two movies and hopes to be even more hands-on.

"I would love to be part of the movie set so I can direct her better, make it look even more professional."

Lorig laughs at the idea of being a celebrity in the sport of archery and has turned her focus to making the U.S. team for this summer's London Olympics. She is pleased with the attention the movie has brought to her sport.

"Kings and queens played this sport and I would like to see this sport have more people be interested," she said. "It's a fun sport. Anybody can do it. Age doesn't matter. That's the beauty of it."

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