James Deen: Wholesome-Looking, Boy-Next-Door Is Porn's Hottest Star


While we can't talk too much about what's posted on his blog, for obvious reasons, we can say that mixed in with photos of his well-endowed co-stars are tweets about the toast he ate for breakfast or the burrito he wants for lunch.

"I don't market myself at all, I really don't," Deen said. "I just kind of be me."

But among his massive following of fans are many who are under 18, but Deen said he can't control underage kids who want to watch his porn films.

"If there was a 15-year-old girl, an underage girl, an underage guy, an underage person that is viewing a scene that I'm in or any sort of porn, chances are they're doing that because either they're curious. They're horny, whatever it is. They're sexual enough that it is something that they desire, that they crave, that they want, and it's not necessarily a bad thing," he said. "I would like to think that I'm opening up their sexual experience, and being able to, they'll be able to take their boyfriends and say, 'hey, I saw this in a porno, I want to try this.'"

Make no mistake, critics and fans alike love his films, and they say Deen is different -- a porn star who holds hands with his leading ladies, who gazes into their eyes and is quick to be romantic. Ahlsen said the wide appeal stems from watching Deen in his films, in which he seems genuine.

"It's much more personal," she said. "You will remember these moments in fantasies and that's what it does. It's not often just the visual, it's the whole package. It's very, very much, you know, brain-based too. Like words, like vibrations, sounds, there's a lot that goes into it."

When it comes to getting between the sheets for a film, Deen said he just goes with what he knows.

"When I have sex on camera, I pretty much just have sex the way I normally have sex," he said. "Personally, I think that the best scenes are when you have two people that really want to have sex with each other, and they're just having sex, and somebody's capturing the moment."

The acting part, he added, is in the dialogue not the act itself. When asked if that's why he thought fans liked him so much, he seemed delighted and said, "that I won't be able to mess up. That I can keep doing all day long."

"If I had to do porn, I probably wouldn't enjoy it," Deen said. "I get to do porn. I get to go to set. And I get to, you know, make out with girls. And I get to meet different people. And I get to, you know, experience all of this stuff. It's awesome. I can't think of anything else I would ever want to do or be."

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