Inside Jennifer Hudson's Glamorous Life and Tragic Past


"We wanted to set the example for him to eat healthy and that health is important," Hudson said. "He's very conscious of it and he's on the scale with a banana weighing himself."

Hudson says that when she was younger, growing up on the South Side of Chicago, she did not see herself as being overweight.

"This is normal where I come from," Hudson said. "I didn't even know I was overweight until I was in Hollywood somewhere on the red carpet and the lady was like, how does it feel to be a big girl. And I'm like, 'Who's she talkin' to? It never dawned on me before.' "

In fact Hudson was so comfortable in her own skin that even the notorious pressure in Hollywood to be thin didn't faze her.

"Being in Hollywood (the weight) didn't bother me because I felt like I was different, I stood out," Hudson said. "I never thought I couldn't lose the weight. It's just that I felt comfortable with the way I was."

After the Murders: The Rollercoaster 'Has Not Let Me Go'

Staying true to herself is a big theme for Hudson. Her latest song on her new CD, "I Remember Me" says it all.

"So often we get lost by other people's opinion and what other people want you to do and things like that, and you lose yourself," Hudson said. "I don't want to lose me."

Hudson says she did lose a part of herself after the 2008 shooting deaths of her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew in Chicago. Her estranged brother-in-law was charged with the murders and has pled not guilty. The case has yet to go to trial.

"People always ask, how are you feeling?" Hudson said. "I've been on this rollercoaster and I've gotten on and it has not let me go since. Now, nothing is the same. How do I identify myself? How do I know who I am?"

Seeking solace in her music, Hudson says her voice is her identity and she connects to her family through singing.

"That's why I returned to the music the way that I did because this is what I know," Hudson said. "This is who I am, this is what I can hold onto and this is what will never let me go."

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