Jesse James: Leave Sandra Bullock Out of Custody Fight

Lindemulder said she would like to live near her daughter's school in Costa Mesa, Calif., so she can become be a "good co-parent with Jesse and stepmother Sandra." In a long letter to the court, she said, "My daughter and I are both very eager to get back to normal" and requested financial aid. "Possibly Jesse [James] can sign for a proper home for [the girl] and I." But according to court documents, it didn't look as if that was going to happen anytime soon. Lindemulder and James were ordered to meet with a court mediator in the custody dispute later this month.

Indeed, while Lindemulder was set to regain custody after completing her prison sentence, James went before a judge to determine whether she was a fit mother. According to a court declaration, James asked that Lindemulder prove that she could provide a safe environment for their child that included keeping her away from pornographers, drug addicts, guns and firearms, felons and other unsafe environments.

James portrayed Lindemulder as emotional and erratic, saying she sent taunting text messages to James one moment and writing "I WON'T BE AROUND. YOU GUYS WIN. I CAN'T TAKE" and "U WIN, FICKIN WIN," and then apologizing for her behavior. Court documents confirmed that she did apologize for the messages but also indicated she has other problems.

James, in his declaration, said that Lindemulder kept her marriage to Jeremy Aikman, "a two-time state and federal felon," a secret from him and the court. The judge in the case recently amended Lindemulder's visitation order to state that Aikman must stay away from the little girl. Court records indicated that Aikmen had recently left prison and had a record of several convictions involving alcohol, guns and manufacture of narcotics.

A source involved in Lindemulder's legal issues and dealings with James told that Lindemulder was "not in favor of the divorce when Jesse left. Janine had custody of her daughter. Jesse didn't see his daughter for the first two years of her life except for around the time when she was born. It was only after he got involved with Sandra Bullock that he decided he wanted to have a relationship with his daughter."

The source added that "the only reason Jesse got temporary custody was because Janine had the tax problem, and the court order said that custody would revert to Janine when she finished serving her time. One of the things that was really vicious was that both Jesse and Sandra Bullock wrote letters to the court in [Lindemulder's] tax case urging the judge to put her in jail so they could use that as an advantage. They claimed that because she was in the porno industry and abused drugs, she should be put in jail, but the fact was she passed drug test.

"They used a misdemeanor tax offense to gain advantage," the source concluded. According to court papers, James did accuse Lindemulder of drug abuse, and although she admitted to a long-term cocaine problem in the past, she passed a court-ordered drug test administered before she went to prison for tax evasion.

Lindemulder, who has a son named Tyler from her 1988-1996 marriage to a construction worker, didn't start off in the porn industry. After some attempts at mainstream movie stardom, the tattooed blond beauty made a name for herself in lesbian adult films in the 1990s with the adult film company Vivid.

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