'Jurassic Park' Star Jeff Goldblum Runs From a Dinosaur in a Wedding Photo

PHOTO: Wherever Dr. Ian Malcolm goes, trouble may follow...

Jeff Goldblum may be the best wedding guest of all time.

The actor, who starred in the 1993 film "Jurassic Park," was game to pose in a dinosaur-themed photo at a friend's wedding.

Goldblum, 61, and his fiancée, Emilie Livingston, attended the weekend wedding of her friend Pamela Sargent in Toronto, according to the Huffington Post.

Jeff Goldblum Engaged to 31-Year Old Emilie Livingston

Photographer Adam Biesenthal snapped this shot and Goldblum, who played mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm in the movie, agreed to be a part. (Yes, Biesenthal Photoshopped in the dinosaur later.)

Maybe it will inspire a photo for his own wedding? Goldblum proposed to Livingston, 31, last month.

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