Kathy Griffin: Not Afraid to Feud


"I can't stand these celebs who say I wouldn't change a thing," she said. "Well, good for you, you liar. I would change everything. ... I would have done a ton of things differently. I wouldn't have had the liposuction because it didn't work at all."

She said that after what she went through, she decided to stop obsessing about body image and even boldly posed in a bikini with Paris Hilton on an episode of her Emmy-winning show, "My Life on the D-List."

"I did it as a joke," she said. "After that I had magazines calling me and saying you have a banging bikini bod. It took me kind of psychologically not to give so much of a you-know-what anymore."

Kathy Griffin Headed for Broadway

But one obsession that has continued to plague the comedian is her love for junk food.

"It's a struggle, I mean look, I love junk food," she said. "I was raised on on fast food and Hamburger Helper ... and I struggle with it every day because, you know, I don't crave salads. When I hear these actresses say, 'Oh, I crave spinach,' I want to choke them."

In the end, it's all fun and games. Underneath all that banter is Griffin's pure love for stand-up, an art she will carry with her into her Broadway show opening Friday at the Belasco Theater in New York City.

"I love performing live," she said. "Performing live really is my favorite thing. It's uncensored, the fur really flies. I mean if you think the stuff I say on TV is bad, come on down here. Get your butt in the city, and we'll see how long you last before you walk out."

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