Kevin Costner Plays Catch With Sons for 25th Anniversary of 'Field of Dreams'

PHOTO: Kevin Costner speaks at the Funeral for Whitney Houston on Feb. 18, 2012 in New Jersey.PlayABC News
WATCH Kevin Costner on 'Field of Dreams' 25 Years Later

For the 25th anniversary for the iconic movie "Field of Dreams," Kevin Costner and die-hard fans visited the original field in Iowa, where the movie was shot to pay homage to the film and its big milestone.

"For me, it represented a magical story about you know listening to a voice you maybe didn't want to listen to," Costner, 59, told The Des Moines Register.

Watch: Kevin Costner on 'Field of Dreams' 25 Years Later

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The Register reported that some 12,000 fans came out to the historic field where the movie was shot in 1988.

It was Costner's first visit back to the field in almost a decade. Costner Brought his sons -- Hayes, 5, and Cayden, 7 -- and even had a game of catch with them on Friday, just like the famous scene in the movie between Costner and his on-screen father.

"The movie does deal with that biblical thing of men and their sons maybe not getting don't want to go through life and wish you had played catch," the actor said. "That's the metaphor: playing catch."