Lady Gaga's Choreographer Shares Life Experiences on New Reality Show


That's not to say they were best friends. According to Gibson, Lopez often would tell her that she was never going to make it; especially if all she was going to focus on was dance.

Gibson ignored Lopez and vowed not to conform. And while other performers are knocking down Gibson's door, Lopez has yet to reach out, Gibson said. Gibson isn't surprised because, she said, it would mean Lopez admitting she was wrong.

That's one of the reasons why Seacrest's faith has meant so much to Gibson. He represents power and position, she said, and his support is validation that she really is as good as she believes.

Her confidence is nothing new. As a child, her parents always supported her, but it wasn't until her father died last year that she felt safe in show business.

"It was defining in a way because I truly believe he left and went to heaven and now I feel a certain protection that I never felt before," she said. "I always felt alone. When I was in the profession fighting for a job, I never felt covered. Now, so sweetly, I feel like an angel is watching over me."

Laurieann Gibson's Advice: 'Don't Give Up'

With all that Gibson has accomplished behind the scenes, one can't help but wonder if moving out in front and becoming the star was part of her plan all along.

"I wanted to be a star -- with a purpose," Gibson said without hesitation.

She hopes she can use her position on "The Dance Scene" to make dreams come true for others.

For all the dreamers out there, she offered this advice: "You are absolutely enough the way you are. The way you believe in your heart is enough to get you there. Many doors may close, but as long as you don't give up, that one door must open."

"The Dance Scene: premiers on E! on April 10.

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