'Letters to Jackie' Documentary Shows Snapshot of 1960s America's Grief Over Kennedy's Assassination

"[Reading the letters are] a tricky thing to do because you have to get emotion into it but you don't want to be too dramatic... or too in your face," Couturie said. "It's got to come to life and move you and it takes really great actors to do that."

Couturie said he selected specific letters for certain actors based on their age, gender and diction -- every actress from the "The Help" read for the documentary. Fitzpatrick, who sat in on Cooper's recording session in Boston, said hearing the letters read in the film was very moving.

"Reading some of the letter out load is an interpretation, really, but when I first heard the actors, the professional actors, I was absolutely blown away," Fitzpatrick said. "It was extremely powerful."

"It's wonderful to see somebody take a piece of work that you have done and do what they want to do with it and feel you both sort of arrived at the same place," she added.

Both Fitzpatrick and Couturie said the Kennedy family had no influence over the book nor the film, other than the Kennedy Library granted them access to the letters. Both Couturie and Fitzpatrick hope their work will help people better understand why Kennedy was such a beloved president at a heated time in our country's history.

"Many people felt that [Kennedy's assassination] was a historical event and that it was life changing, that life was one way before it happened and another way after," Fitzpatrick said. "The letters really belong to the American people now, as they should."

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