Lindsay Lohan Faces House Arrest; How Bad Can It Be?


Lindsay Lohan: Facing House Arrest?

When Andy Dick was sentenced to home confinement in 2009 for drug and alcohol charges, he turned his time into an online talk show called "House Arrest with Andy Dick," describing it as "the first celebrity talk show that must comply with a probation officer."

Apparently, the experience did not make a lasting impression, because Dick was arrested recently on new charges of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Scott Basinger, an expert on addiction and recovery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, doesn't think in-home rehab can have a lasting impression on addicts.

"I don't know anybody in 20-plus years who is successful in recovery from in-home rehab," Basinger told I wouldn't provide anybody in-home rehab unless they had a compelling reason."

To Basinger, that would mean serious physical disabilities that make it difficult or impossible for them to leave the house.

Earlier this year, Charlie Sheen claimed to have done rehab at home. He has since maintained that he is clean and sober. His reason for rehabbing at home was to maintain his privacy from prying paparazzi.

Basinger agrees that confidentiality for celebrities is an issue, but he countered, "Every single one of those people were out there making complete fools of themselves publicly because of drugs and alcohol. So what's the worry of letting the world know you're actually trying to do something about it?"

He said while it's possible to bring the kind of treatment used at rehab facilities to someone's home, it's nearly impossible to replicate the experience of group counseling. And putting a celebrity through serious rehab just like anyone else's might give them the humility that doctors say is crucial to recovery.

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